How a storage unit can help you achieve your 2020 new year resolutions

New Year’s resolutions – always made with the best of intentions, but often not achieved for a myriad of reasons!

Whilst many people’s resolutions concern health, fitness and well-being, many of us decide to undertake a better organized and improved home, or work, environment as a major change for the New Year. To this end, making use of self-storage units can be a great help in achieving that particular aim – here are some things to consider when starting that organisation task:

Start getting organised

If organization was a superhero, then clutter would be its arch enemy!

If your home is cluttered with too many items, then proper organisation is impossible. Items that you no longer require should be separated out and either given or thrown away. You will have items, large and small, that aren’t part of your everyday requirements – some seasonal things (Xmas decorations, sports goods) – these are ideal fodder for self-storage.

Rather than store them at home (albeit neatly and out of sight), it may be a better option to store them in a secure unit, keeping them safe and intact whilst freeing up vital space in your home. Once decluttered, implement the 1:1 rule – for every item you bring into the house, dispose of an existing item.

Work on home improvement in a clear environment

Once you have reorganised your home and decluttered, you often look around the newly-visible walls and floors and decide it’s time to redecorate! Whether you just want to freshen your décor up with a lick of paint here or there, or whether you go for a complete remodel, knocking down walls and such, then self-storage units can be a great aid in the redecorating process.

It is much easier to work on the interior décor without having to manoeuvre around bulky furniture items and such. Storing furniture temporarily in a secure self-storage unit will make the task much quicker and easier.

Make room for career enhancement

Perhaps one of your resolutions is to enhance, or start, your own business – business storage allows you to store any equipment, products or materials you may need for your new venture. Renting formal office or warehouse space can be a big financial overhead and your business may not, initially, merit it – using self-storage units as business storage is the ideal way to start out, and you can switch to bigger units as your business grows accordingly.

Set timely and realistic goals

As with any task or project, the secret to completing it successfully is ensure you set realistic goals for it. You may, for example, want to get your whole house decluttered and decorated by the end of February, but that may not be practical – unrealistic goals can hinder your ability to achieve your aim, so set realistic and feasible timescales and targets.

Are you just looking for more space?

All specific resolutions aside, it may just be that you need more space in your home for whatever reason – renting self-storage units can cater for that – there are a variety of different sizes and capacities units for you to take advantage of to fulfil any, and all, of your storage requirements, short or long term.

Chelsea Self Storage

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