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Renting a space for your household storage is a great way to keep your possessions in one tidy and easy to access location. Everything from spare furniture, shoe racks, seasonal items (such as Christmas decorations), and unused toys can be stored away to free up space in your home. Unused large items will clutter up your home. By using home storage services it allows you to start de cluttering.

Many people only associated self storage with business use but it can provide a great solution for your domestic living space dilemmas. We understand that space in your home in London is at a premium and expensive and self storage either on a short term or long term basis can quickly create space for the kids, hobbies, a space to relax or to create a home office.

It can even help if you’re moving house and allow the process to run smoothly with a place to store your possessions which you can move into your new home in your own time. There are many different unit sizes and storage rooms wherever you are located.

For a range of storage containers in West London, call us on 0207 351 6800 to discuss your household storage facility requirements or use our quote form for a storage quote.


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Another aspect to a secure self storage unit is that in can provide a place to store valuable or important items. You may have large items of sentimental value or even monetary value that don’t want taking up room in your home but long term want to keep hold of. Storage units are secure, dry and safe so any of your household items can be stored.

Household storage doesn’t have to be for your own home. If you’re a landlord who likes to maintain a storage of spare furniture or appliances a self storage unit is an ideal solution. At Chelsea self storage we have a wide variety of flexible storage options to suit all your household storage requirements.

We work hard to keep our pricing competitive, and always have storage special offers to keep prices as low as possible. We also have a handy storage space calculator to allow you to have an idea of how much space you need. If you’ve received a quote from a different storage company we’d be delighted to look over it for you!

Our storage units are perfect if you’re looking for a dry and secure local place to store your items or furniture. Our storage units are the most cost effective around – you only pay for the space you use.


How to prepare furniture for storage

Give your furniture a clean – Wipe down furniture to remove any dust. Allow it to fully dry out before you cover it for storage.

Get ready for transport – Large items should be dissembled for easy transport and more space. Be sure to label loose items such as table legs.

Make the most of the space – Not cram furniture together as it will likely lead to damage. Plan your storage space with space for air to flow.

Protect any glass – Cover any glass doors or table tops with bubble wrap and it possible pack in storage boxes.

If you require any more information, please contact your nearest store. The customer service team will be happy to help with storage solutions.

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