Office Storage in London

Our quality office storage solutions in London have been a great benefit to many organisations across London, and our rates are some of the most competitive in the area suiting any budget. Add to this our long list of benefits and we’re confident that our wide range offers the most cost-effective solution available.

Our flexible storage enables you to get the extra space you need, when you need it AND you only pay for the space you need. Whether you’re refurbishing or relocating, we have business storage available from 1000+sqft/93sqm down to 12sqft/1sqm units – which are ideal for important documents archiving and record storage.

Whether you need storage services for home office chairs, storage cabinets, general range of office furniture, or want a clean, dry location to store your stock, with Chelsea Self Storage Ltd you’ll be able to use your existing office space to its full potential by transferring unwanted furniture or files into storage.


Self Storage For Businesses

Businesses use office storage units for a whole host of reasons, including storing stock, archiving files and paperwork, or short term storage during busy seasonal periods. It’s also a great facility to store large marketing materials such as exhibition displays and promotional banners. It doesn’t matter if your a SME, sole trader or a large organisation, we have storage solutions that we would highly recommend to every business.

Chelsea Self Storage can help your business run smoothly

As we understand businesses need flexibility we have a range of solutions including different sized units. Whatever your requirements – from a few boxes to a large van load of items we can find the right solution for you.

We can offer a range of both long and short-term storage to fit around your business requirements, and of course loading is easy you can bring you vehicle to the door. If you require storage boxes, please let us know.

Book your unit today by call us  on: 020 7351 6800, completing our quick enquiry form or by submitting a detailed quote. View our opening hours.

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