How to make the best use of storage in 2020

With every New Year people resolve to undergo certain changes to lifestyle, or activities, to improve on their previous twelve months. These resolutions are often difficult to stick to, but there are certain activities you can potentially help achieve by making use of self-storage units.

Here are some examples of the kind of resolutions in which personal self-storage can assist:

Have a ‘Winter’ Spring clean

Spring clean in Winter! We always use the term “spring clean” when we refer to the annual de-cluttering of our homes, but there is no reason to wait until the lighter nights to undertake the task!

It’s likely that you’ve accumulated a number of items over 2019 that are now squeezing the space in your home, so now is as good a time as any to identify exactly what you need and, more relevantly, what you DON’T need to keep. Identifying the items you don’t need to keep permanently around the house doesn’t though, automatically mean you want to dispose of them for good.

These belongings may be needed at some time in the future or have another, sentimental, value – or simply be in too good condition to just throw away! Renting personal storage is a great solution to this problem – you can store these valued items safely and securely in storage units until you need them again.

Temporary storage lets you make big changes

The New Year often brings motivation to assess your lifestyle and situation overall – and for some this may mean renovating or redecorating your house – or moving home altogether! If you’re undertaking any of these moves, then personal self-storage can be a great option to store furniture and belongings while you knock down the walls at home or set about redecorating the house throughout.

Equally, making use of storage units offers a temporary home to your furniture and possessions in between moving properties, making both the departure from one house and the onerous task of moving into another property, more structured and easier.

Use your new space for exercise

“I’m going to get fit” is probably the most uttered New Year’s resolution on the first of January every year – quite how many of us actually achieve it is another matter! If, however, that is one of your aims for 2020, then personal self-storage can be an aid in achieving it.

Many of us fail in this goal simply because finding the time to get to and from the gym can be difficult. Why not clear out the spare room, put these items in storage, and install the relevant exercise equipment, or yoga mats, at home? It’s far easier to find the half-hour to nip into the spare room and workout than get in the car and go to the gym!

Take up a new hobby

Often people see the New Year as an opportunity to take up a new hobby – perhaps a craft of some kind – painting, model making, pottery or some such pastime. Creating a space in your home to pursue this hobby can be made much easier by making use of a storage unit to keep unnecessary belongings.

Store valuable belongings and travel the world

A growing trend in recent years, is the rise in people taking ‘substantial’ time out from their work and careers to do some travelling – if you’re taking a sabbatical from work for some months to visit different parts of the world, then personal storage is a great option to put all your valuable belongings somewhere you know will be safe and secure whilst you are away. This will help you travel light and also provide you with peace of mind so you can concentrate on your trip.

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