Key ways self storage can improve your home life

Many people only associate self-storage units with business use. It can, however, provide a great solution to a number of domestic living space dilemmas. Here are a few potential uses that could improve your home living situation:

Clearing clutter

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of self-storage – everybody gathers ‘clutter’ over a period of time – every ‘spring clean’ leaves you wondering how you could possibly have amassed such an amount of things! The best way to go about de-cluttering, is to simply go from room to room, identifying what is essential on a daily basis, what is wanted/desired and what is no longer necessary at the time. Anything in the third category can be, either, disposed of accordingly, or put into storage. This will create more room and make it easier to maintain the look you want for your home. Any time you want the change that look, or content of your rooms, then items can be switched in and out of storage accordingly.

Home office

More and more people now work from home – if you’re one of these, or simply have family members with a need for home office space – perhaps for kids homework or hobbies – then you’ll have experienced how quickly these aspects take up the space in your home. Keeping official, or business, paperwork and other associated items (maybe stock, materials etc.) separate from your everyday domestic items becomes more difficult. Self-storage units can be a great place to keep historical business records and paperwork or, as, mentioned earlier, by simply being an outlet for general clutter around the home, can create more space for the required business items.

Managing moves

If you’re moving home, or re-styling your house, then self-storage can be invaluable. Renting a self-storage unit will allow you to start moving your possessions out on a gradual basis, as opposed to having to get it all packed-up and moved on the moving day itself. Likewise, for the other end of that situation – it’s a difficult task to get all your furniture and possessions into the new place in one go – with some items in storage, it allows you the time to plan and arrange your new home in the manner and style you really want.

Protecting valuables

Another aspect to consider with self-storage is that it can provide an alternative place to store some of your valuable or important items. Perhaps you have some valuable (either monetary or emotional) furniture that you don’t necessarily want in your home at this moment in time, but want to retain long-term? Storage units are secure, dry and safe, so items of any kind can be kept there – this means that, rather than having all your valuable items and important papers in one place (therefore all at risk in an unfortunate event), you can ‘dilute the risk’, as such, and insure against potentially losing everything should the worst happen at home.

Loft conversions

Many homes could, perhaps, benefit from creating extra living space with a loft conversion – but are prevented from doing so because of all the items accumulated and stored up there! Putting these items into storage is a far cheaper, and easier, alternative to create extra living space than moving home to find it!

Chelsea Self Storage

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