Why self storage units are perfect at Christmas time

The Christmas period, and the run up to it, can often present challenges to the space in our homes! You are likely to have an unusual excess of items, some quite bulky (furniture, boxes, provisions) for a period – and that’s not including perhaps catering for extra people around the house!

Personal self-storage can provide an affordable and practical solution to your temporary space problems. Here are some reasons to consider storage units to ease the cramped conditions over the season:

Keep your Christmas presents a secret

If you’ve a family with kids then one of the hardest things every year is keeping their presents a secret! There isn’t a nook or cranny in your house that your kids don’t know about – or haven’t searched on the lead up to Christmas!

A personal self-storage unit is the ideal place to keep their gifts until Christmas Eve – even if the kids know you’ve got one, the security aspects of a self-storage unit means they can’t get in! And while we’re at it – let’s not fool ourselves that it’s just the kids searching for presents – the storage unit is great for storing your partner’s surprise presents too!

Christmas is a time to create extra space in your home

Most people have a knack for being able to fill whatever space is available in your house all year round – no matter how much extra you create!

Christmas time usually creates a need for extra space – whether it be for storing presents, food and drink or extra furniture if you’re going to be hosting a family Christmas, or having celebrations at any time over the period. Storage units are great for having a pre-Christmas de-clutter to make space for the seasonal extras – you can store things there simply for the holiday period or, perhaps, retain the unit longer and use it for more permanent storage as part of that New Year de-clutter project you were going to do anyway!

All year round storage for decorations

The other side of the coin, as it may. Rather than using it to create space to put all your decorations up for the holiday period, use the storage unit for keeping your Christmas decorations safe, dry and secure throughout the year without them taking up valuable space within your daily household for the other eleven months of the year!

Create room to accommodate visitors

Christmas almost always means extra people around the house and visitors. For many of us, if hosting a family Christmas, then it may mean people staying over odd nights or for a few days. This usually involves a need to erect temporary beds, extra bedding and such, as well as accommodating the luggage and belongings of the family or guests staying. Often it will involve extra temporary furniture – dining chairs for a big Christmas dinner, maybe extra tables themselves and so on – personal storage is the ideal solution for temporarily removing unwanted items from the house to create the extra seasonal space.

Making use of a personal storage unit may provide you with a more comfortable and manageable – and therefore enjoyable – Christmas.

Chelsea Self Storage

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