Why you might need to clear space at home

Throughout the lifetime of occupying a house, there will be many periods – and many reasons – for you to want to create extra space in the home. One of the big dilemmas of these situations is what to do with belongings and items that can no longer be housed in the property, but you want to retain for a later date, or other reasons. Rented storage facilities can offer a viable, affordable solution, whether to want to store your items for a long or short period.

Here are some of the situations that you may want to consider storage to rent in London:

Making home improvements

One of the more common reasons for the need to create extra space at home is the seemingly never-ending requirement for home maintenance and upkeep!

Many people regularly redecorate their homes – and this is rarely an easy undertaking! Whenever you are decorating, there is a requirement for extra space – you need to store the materials and you need actual, physical space in which to do the work. Marry that with the potential damage to existing furniture, fixtures and fittings during the make-over, then renting storage facilities to temporarily keep your valuable belongings safe, is an ideal solution.

Temporary storage in London doesn’t have to be expensive, and will certainly be cheaper than having to replace paint-spattered furniture items!

Growing families demand space

If yours is a growing family, then a new addition can demand space be made to cater for the baby. Perhaps you need to convert an existing storage space to create a nursery – and rented storage facilities can provide the answer for housing the items you need to clear out at this time, but don’t necessarily want to dispose of permanently.

Family moving out creates opportunities

Alternatively, at the other end of the scale, you may have a grown family and they are leaving home – this also, diversely, can create space problems though!

You may have an idea for another permanent use for the room they are vacating – but will need to find space to accommodate the children for visits or further changes of circumstance – renting storage can provide a space to keep the outgoing person’s belongings in a safe environment away from the home, but easily accessible whenever needed.

You may be changing your home itself

Away from the ever-changing nature of everyday life at home, there may well be occasions when the requirement is to change the home itself! Moving to a new property is always a major affair – there are the existing items in your current home to consider, that will need to be packed away in readiness for the new premises, as well as the possibility of purchasing new items for the next house.

If you are downsizing, there may be items that you can’t accommodate in the new house, but may have value, either financial or sentimental, and you are not ready to part with. Acquiring storage to rent in London can provide the ideal facility to keep these items – either long or short term.

Storage facilities can also be a great help in the actual moving process – trying to move everything out of one house and into another on the same day, can be a very onerous undertaking. Renting storage facilities prior to your moving date will allow you to pack your belongings away in an organised manner over a period of time, thus lessening the amount of physical work on moving day itself – retaining the storage facilities for a period after the move will also allow you to transport the items into your new property gradually, giving you the time to properly consider how you want your new house to look and make settling in easier and less pressured.

Chelsea Self Storage

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