How to move house in a hurry

People move house all the time and, in most cases, it’s a planned, organised process over a period of time. There are, however, certain circumstances when you may have to vacate premises at short notice, or in a hurry – you may get an offer on a property you’re selling that is dependent on quick vacant possession of your house, or you may be unfortunate enough to be served limited notice of your rented property by your landlord. Whatever the circumstance, you will need to pack and organise all your belongings in a hurry.

Here are some tips as to how to do that difficult task, most effectively:

Throw stuff away – but not too much

Now, you might be expecting the first piece of advice to be “throw away anything that’s not absolutely essential” – but it’s not!

It may well be that there is stuff you will want/need to dispose of once moved into new premises – but when under pressure to move in a limited time-frame, this is not the ideal time to make these decisions. Although there may be masses of stuff to remove from your existing premises – furniture, soft furnishings, clothes, ornaments, books, music, toys and more – and it seems like it will take an age to pack, you should take as much with you as you possibly can initially. If you eventually end-up keeping something of value, that you may otherwise have disposed of, in a hurry, you’ll be glad you went to the extra effort of packing it all!

Identify the things you know you’ll need

Depending on where you’re moving to, and how little time your specific circumstances allow for your move (you may be having to go to temporary, or interim accommodation before your eventual settlement), it’s quite possible that you won’t have sufficient time to identify exactly what you’ll need in the long term.

If you have time to make a considered decision on everything you are going to require in your next accommodation then, by all means, perform the “Keep, Give Away or Bin” process. If, however, circumstance doesn’t allow that luxury, there will be time to sort what you actually want to keep at a later date – but hurriedly disposing of items because you’re on restricted time can lead to much regret – and further expense – later on, when settling into your new premises.

The better organised you are the easier the sorting gets

The better organised you are in your packing away, the easier the sorting and decision making process will be further down the line.

Categorise your belongings:

  1. Things you DEFINITELY need, wherever you end up going – clothing, bedding, crockery, cutlery and any immediately required furniture (beds, couch etc.) Pack all these things and take them with you to your immediate premises.
  2. Things you’ll need in the long term, but not necessarily immediately. Pack these items away carefully, and in an organised fashion. Clearly label all boxes and store them away in a safe environment.

Self storage in london is an ideal temporary solution

Self-storage units offer an ideal, and affordable, solution to temporary storage requirements. You can leave your belongings there for any period of time, allowing you the opportunity to find your next accommodation, and to move into it in an orderly and stress-free time scale, accessing your belongings from the unit on a gradual, and comfortable, basis.

Using self-storage means you won’t have had to dispose of items, and will allow your valuable belongings to be kept safe, dry and secure until you need them for your new living arrangements. There are a range of self-storage prices and unit sizes, so it is easy to rent a unit that is appropriate for your needs.

One last handy tip…

On finally leaving your property for the last time, take photographs. These will not only serve as a nostalgic reminder of your time at that place, but also, act as evidential protection against any potential disputes between yourself and former landlords or new buyers!

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