Why people use short term storage units

There are many occasions when people may want to consider making use of temporary storage for furniture and belongings – for personal or professional reasons. Short-term storage in London can free-up much needed and valuable space in your home or workplace and provide a clean, dry secure environment that you can safely store your goods for a period.

Here are some of the main reasons you may want to consider using short-term storage units:

Work and Business – storage for stock, equipment and office essentials

The current work and business environment is much changed and full of uncertainty with the impact of the Covid-19 virus. Businesses are unsure about future working practice and the space they may need should they opt for smaller spaces and/or remote working practices?

A great temporary measure to ‘buy some planning time’ is to rent short term storage units – you can store all the office essentials and equipment whilst a decision is made as to the way forward with regards to future office or workspace requirements.

Likewise, if your business is relocating or adjusting (downsizing or growing) due to the pandemic – or any other reasons – then short-term storage can work for you. It provides the planning time along with a safe, secure storage environment to keep equipment or stock whilst the necessary moves are made.

If you are starting a new business from scratch, and considering premises for the new venture, then short-term self-storage units offer an ideal vehicle to temporarily store documents and equipment and more whilst the business establishes itself and the longer-term space requirements become more evident.

Moving or renovating home – storage for furniture and valuables

Moving home – or simply renovating your current property – is always a testing time and exercise. If you are engaging in either of these projects, then short-term storage can again be the ideal option to make life easier! If renovating and redecorating, working in a prepared and vacant space will make the task much less stressful. By storing your furniture and valuables in a short-term storage unit the actual renovation work will be easier and quicker – and your household possessions will be protected from any potential damage from the work undertaken.

If moving to a new home, making use of short-term storage allows you to complete both the moving out of current premises and into the new property in a more relaxed and structured manner. Instead of the ‘mad rush’ to empty one property of all your furniture and valuables and back into another in one day – like most people try to do – renting a storage unit allows you to move your possessions over time into the temporary space and, likewise, to relocate them into your new premises when each room is ready for them.

Lifestyle changes – circumstances can change quickly

Life is not always predictable nor straightforward, and people’s circumstances can change suddenly and unexpectedly – break-ups and divorces can often lead to one – or both – partners having to move home and relocate, and property is not always easy to source at short notice and on reduced budgets. Renting self-storage units can provide an interim safe and secure space for someone’s possessions whilst they establish a longer-term solution.

There are, of course, far happier changes of circumstances that will result in having to rethink and reorganise your living space – a marriage or a new baby will result in potential change of use for some rooms and self-storage units can provide a helping hand there too by providing a space to store all the items from the room that has suddenly become a nursery!

Other Reasons for Short Term Storage

Circumstances such as a simple decluttering and reorganising of your home, or storage for your returning students over the summer breaks, along with perhaps needing storage space for hobbies and sports equipment are all reasons you could consider the benefits of short-term storage units.

Chelsea Self Storage

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