Tips to plan your lockdown home decorating projects

With many of us spending extended periods at home due to the current environment and lockdown situation, lots of people have opted to undertake home improvement projects and are using the time to set about renovating our homes.

Whilst these projects can be exciting, they also require planning and care, from the materials and appearance of your rooms to safe furniture storage and protection of your household items – here are some things to consider if you are thinking about a home decorating project of your own:

How to get started

It is important to plan your project before starting – consider the time, cost and effort of the project – establish a realistic timeframe for the work to be completed and work out an appropriate budget for the task.


Before starting any decorating project you should thoroughly clean the room and decide where to move the contents to keep them safe and dry. Whether your project is a major refurbishment or a simple repaint, you need to protect your room contents from dust, paint and any other potentially damaging materials.

Cover furniture

When repainting, papering or plastering then ensure that your furniture is properly protected. Plastic sheets, or even old bedsheets, can be used to cover the furniture items but ensure that there are no gaps left for stray paint splashes to sully your furniture. Whichever type of sheet you use, make sure that they are thick enough to absorb any paint drips or spills and nothing can soak through to the items below.

Protect floors

As with furniture, floors and other surfaces will be vulnerable to paint spillages or splashes so cover them with appropriate mats or sheets. If you are having renovation work done along with your decorating, then there may be workmen or others trudging through the house in boots, so these floor coverings are important.


When undertaking any decorating project, it is a good idea to pack away any breakable items such as crockery, glassware or delicate ornaments. Use appropriate boxes and packing materials to pack them and then store the boxes in different rooms or spaces from those being worked on in the house.


Wherever you are storing your packed items, ensure that the boxes are not stacked too high and store your fragile items on shelves or raised areas rather than on the floor. Always use proper storage boxes and label them clearly.

Short term storage

Perhaps the best option to protect and store your valuable items throughout your decorating project is to consider using professional short-term storageself storage units will keep your valuables in a dry, purpose-built and secure location whilst the disruption to your home is underway – this is also a great solution if you are short of storage space in your home or garage. When using short-term storage, you still need to carefully pack your belongings as mentioned with appropriate materials and storage boxes and when placing into your storage unit, keep items that you may need to access during the period at the front. Ensure you leave an aisle between the stacked boxes for easy movement and access around your unit.

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