The benefits of short and long term storage in London

London is an exciting and thriving place in which to live, study and work. Perhaps you are downsizing your home. Or perhaps you run a landlord business or online service and find yourself needing extra storage that is both practical and cost effective. If this is the case, then it is very worthwhile considering using storage units in London. Below we explain the main differences between short and long term storage and how you can benefit from using these type of storage containers.

Why use long term storage in London?

Individuals use long term storage for a range of different reasons. When living in London and the surrounding areas, property and renting property is an expensive business, especially if you’re looking for property with additional rooms for storing possessions. One cheaper and safer option is to use long term storage in which you can keep personal belongings, business stock or furniture. Long term storage is safe, secure and incredibly cost-effective.

When is short term storage the better option?

Sometimes you may just need a short term solution to storing your belongings. This type of storage is ideal if you are moving home but need to live in rented property, or with family, for a short period of time between relocation. Short term storage is also ideal if you are planning to renovate your home and need somewhere to store furniture and other personal belongings. Short term storage is also a good option for students who need somewhere to store their belongings between moving to new halls of residence or student flats.

How short and long term storage can help

Self storage containers give you that added space within the busy city environment that is relatively cheap and hugely convenient. Self storage units, no matter if they are short or long term storage units, can be accessed at any time, so you can gain access to your belongings whenever you need them. It is the convenient and flexible storage option.

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Chelsea Self Storage

Chelsea Self Storage we have 30 years experience in providing the ideal storage solutions for businesses. We understand the optimal storage methods for archived documents and records and can help you calculate the right size of unit you’ll need to maximise your budget. With some of the lowest competitive rates in the capital, we’re convinced that we can offer a file management solution that’s just right for your business.

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