How effective stock storage can save you money

Storage space is always a major consideration for businesses dealing in any form of merchandise and stock. Whether you are renting business storage units, or have your own on-site stockroom, making the most of that space is important.

Here are some storage tips and aspects to think about when organising your storage space:

Think about vertical storage not just floorspace

Packing and storing things properly is key to effective stock storage. Many people when using business storage concentrate on the amount of floor space they have – think vertically!

Storage units often have high ceilings so make use of the vertical space available and stack higher shelving units and racks. The more vertical space you use, the more floor space you are making available.

Make most popular items accessible

Ensure the items that you are going to need to access earlier, or more frequently are the most accessible. Place these items near the front – this makes them quicker and easier to find and, therefore, more efficient for your business.

Choose the correct storage furniture

Consider the stock items you are storing and choose the most appropriate storage vehicles to use in your business storage unit. Shelving, racks, cabinets, drawers and some hanging storage units may be available – select the ones that most suit your merchandise. Mobile storage units are always worth considering as they will allow you to maximise your space.

Clear labelling is essential

Very important! An organised system is essential for effective stock storage – label all your items accurately and logically. You may have a system organised by individual items or departments or colour, size and style – whichever labelling and storing categories suit you best – but ensure there is SOME system in place.

You may need environment control

Depending upon your stock items, there may be a requirement for some form of environment control – lighting and temperature. When renting your business storage unit, consider these aspects – good lighting is essential for staff accessing the storage unit for stocktakes or individual items and you will want to ensure that the storage space is well ventilated and dry to protect your stock.

Things not to do

It is just as important to know what NOT to do as it is to know the right way to safely store items. You should avoid:

  • Overfilling boxes – a box that is too heavy to lift will only cause problems when later trying to relocate items.
  • Stack heavy items on top of smaller boxes – heavy items on top of smaller, lighter things can cause damage to the boxes and their contents underneath.
  • Pack popular, or frequently used, items at the bottom – if you need specific items first, or more frequently, then storing them beneath or behind longer-termed storage items is inconvenient.

Some may consider paying out for extra, specialist storage an unnecessary business overhead, but it need not be expensive and the advantages of renting cheap storage units are many and could prove a wise investment. Business storage could save you money in the longer term.

Chelsea Self Storage

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