Top Reasons Why People Love Using Self Storage

There is a plethora of reasons for people to consider utilizing personal self-storage units at some stage – from simple space saving to helping accommodate a house move or change of circumstance for yourself and your family.

Here are a few of the most common reasons people rent self-storage units:

Think of creating extra space at home

The most obvious reason for people to access personal self-storage units is, simply, to create extra space in your home or work! Everybody accumulates ‘items’ as they go along in everyday life and, inevitably, there comes a time when you realise that you have simply run out of space where you are, be it in the home or the workplace.

There may be a change in circumstance – a child or other relative needing to move back into your home for a while or just that you now have too many ‘things’ for your house to accommodate naturally. Perhaps you need to ‘reclaim’ your garage space for another practical use (like a car!) or need to alter the use of another internal room – personal self-storage is an affordable and convenient option to house your items, either short or long term.

Keep your items stored in complete safety

One of the big advantages of renting self-storage units is the ideal environment they provide for your important items. Personal self-storage units are dry, clean, and secure – many of these facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, offering 24-hour CCTV surveillance, modern alarm systems and security staff, ensuring your goods are fully protected whilst also allowing you access to your items whenever you require. Self-storage units offer far greater security and a better environment than, perhaps, keeping valuable items in your garage or shed at home.

Decluttering but keeping your valued items

You may need to establish a more organized environment in your home. It may be just a case of reorganizing your cupboard space or clearing out unused and/or unwanted clothing or other items – whatever your motivation, most of us have to ‘declutter’ along the way! Renting a small personal self-storage unit can provide the perfect solution for keeping items that you no longer need every day but are still important and valuable to you and you want to retain.

When downsizing requires a rethink of personal property

Many of us will consider ‘downsizing’ our homes or properties at some stage of our lives – perhaps the children have all grown and left home, so we don’t nee the same amount of living space – and the associated upkeep – anymore. That doesn’t though, necessarily mean that you want to part with all the furniture or personal items from these rooms – self-storage can allow you to live more comfortably in your existing, or a smaller, home and still retain those important possessions.

Making space for more home working

Perhaps the biggest single change in people’s everyday lifestyles following the pandemic – working from home! Many of us have a changed workstyle and location in recent times, with thousands of people now carrying out their daily jobs from their home, potentially requiring “office space” as such – room for your computer or laptop, perhaps a desk and printer and office supplies! Many people have turned existing storage space or smaller bedrooms into this required workspace – necessitating a new ‘home’ for the items from these spaces.

Personal self-storage provides the perfect solution to establish this home-work space by offering a clean and secure environment for any home, or indeed work, items. Self-storage units are also ideal for securely storing stock or equipment for any online or home business that you may establish.

Emergency storage for those unexpected times in life

You may want short-term storage whilst you redecorate or re-configure your home – any work on your house will be completed easier and quicker if any household furniture or items are temporarily removed from the area. Self-storage will allow you to safely store these items in the best conditions – also a great solution to help if are actually moving to a new home, because you can use the self-storage units to house furniture and personal items over a period of time to organise your new premises at a more leisurely, controlled and organized pace, rather than having to move all your items from one house to another on the same day!

These are just a few reasons to consider making use of personal self-storage units – you may well have many other circumstances for which self-storage units can provide the perfect solution!

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