Top tips for making space in your home or office

Toys, clothes, ornaments and other bits of clutter can easily pile up without you noticing. If you live in a small studio or flat, it can be even harder to keep up with the minimalist trend. You don’t have to sacrifice all of your possessions to achieve a spick and span home or office – just follow these tips to make the most of whatever space you have.

Multi-purpose furniture

Almost every item of furniture in your home can double up as extra storage if you think outside the box – keep boxes of clothes underneath your bed slats, or the family’s shoes in a hollow bench in the hall.

You could even make your own wall-mounted table. These swing down when you want to type on your laptop or eat as a family, revealing concealed chairs which also fold outwards. When you’re done with the work or the meal and need the floor space back, simply stack the chairs away and lock the table in place on the wall.

DIY hacks

Pinterest and other social networks are crammed with cheap, creative ways to store your stuff.

Use pull tabs taken from the tops of tin cans to attach two clothes hangers together. This lets you hang twice as many clothes in the exact same wardrobe!

Attach a sheet of magnetic metal to the bottom of your kitchen shelves, and glue magnets onto your jars or cleaning products so they can hang down – using up previously wasted space.


Though you might hate to admit it, there are probably some things hidden around your home or office that you haven’t used in years – old files, unfashionable clothes, past presents and more. Declutter one room at a time and ask yourself honestly if you will ever use each item again. If the answer’s no, find out how you can donate, recycle or reuse it.

Rent storage

If there are some things you just can’t bear to part with, but which simply don’t fit in your home, self storage in Chelsea is the perfect solution. Use our service to store your treasured possessions until you next move house, redecorate or have a clear out. You can trust us to keep them safe.

Chelsea Self Storage

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