Why people love to use household storage facilities

Storage is always high on the priority list for many a household. No matter how minimalist you start off, houses tend to get filled up pretty quickly. And it’s not just the indoors either; many sheds and garages are filled to the brim too! So, what can you do when you feel overwhelmed with stuff?! Throw it away? Or opt for a household storage facility?

There are many reasons why you might not want to simply part from your stuff, and we at Chelsea Self Storage can help. We offer convenient and secure self-storage space units for the public for as long or as short as you want it, at storage unit prices to suit all budgets.

We have pulled together our top reasons why a self-storage facility might be the right choice for you:

Create more space at home by using seasonal storage

Not everything you own is required for the full year. With the changing seasons come the changing need for items within the home and the garden. For example, Christmas decorations are only really needed for one month of the year; garden furniture is only required in the spring/summer months; and suitcases take up a lot of room and are only used a handful of times a year, at best.

By storing these in a household storage facility, you can free up space in your garage to actually use it as a garage and store your car. Or turn that spare room into a more useable space. Or even convert your loft into another room!

Protect your belongings during renovation or DIY work

If you are looking at renovating part of your house or undergoing a serious DIY project, you may find it much easier to store some of your items in a personal self-storage unit. This allows for more space for the builders or decorators to work and ensures there is no damage to any furniture or household items. It also allows the rest of your home to remain a home while the work is being carried out, rather than being one big storage mess!

Give yourself options whilst moving house

There are times when moving from one house to another, leaves you in limbo. If you are on the property market, you may have decided to sell your house and rent until you have found your next home. Or you might find the house you are buying has fallen through but you still want to sell yours. And you might not have a relative or friend who is able to house you for the foreseeable. Chances are rented accommodation already has furniture and white goods so a personal self-storage unit is a great choice. You can store most of your items within the unit, and bonus, you don’t have to unpack and re-pack when you’re ready to move into your new home!

You may also want to use a household storage facility if you are planning some extensive decorating in the first instance. It’s much easier to decorate without mountains of boxes so by having them in a safe a secure facility, you can pick and choose the boxes you need as and when you are ready for them.

Reorganising to accommodate long-term guests

Sometimes you might find yourself with a long-term guest who might be staying with you until they find their own place or have moved in because they too, are undergoing some renovations within their property. They will need to bring some items with them, and depending on the amount, you may want to consider a household storage facility to hold some of your stuff so you can accommodate theirs. Or vice versa. Either way, a storage facility helps you both to organise and go through possessions and decide which items are long-term and which might need to be thrown out.

Storing children’s clothing and possessions for future use

If you have a family you will know they house a lot of stuff! Even from the day they are born! Cribs, cots, baby cloths, and other baby furniture can take up a lot of space and is only needed for a short amount of time. However, if you’re planning to extend your family you may not want to get rid of these items the minute they are no longer required. Similarly, if your child is all grown-up and moved to university, they may well be coming back in a few years, so you don’t want to simply get rid of their excess stuff before they are ready to go through it themselves. Storage facilities are the perfect place for these items as!

Prioritising space for your hobbies and interests

Some hobbies and interests take up a lot of space, and that space can be better utilised for household items. While many like to have their items displayed within the home, depending on the hobby or interest, it might be in everyone’s ‘interest’ to store a majority of it within a safe and secure personal storage unit.

When you don’t have the capacity for a family inheritance 

You might suddenly find you’ve inherited a relatives’ entire belongings, or a few key heirlooms or sentimental items. While you may not want to have them displayed in your home, or even have space to do so, you still might not want to part with them straight away; so, a household facility is the perfect place to ‘house’ them until you have the time and brain space to go through it all.

Choose Chelsea Self Storage

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