Easy garden storage tips this Winter

Many of us spend a lot of time, effort and money on maintaining our gardens and keeping them looking at their best. In doing so, we often use a plethora of different tools and machines to obtain that look. At the end of every year though, those tools and equipment, along with the outdoor furniture we use to enjoy our well-honed garden environment, need to be stored away safely and protected from the winter climate and weather. That is not always as straightforward as it may seem – these things require a lot of space and a suitable environment.

Here are some things to consider when storing your valuable equipment and furniture for the winter months:

Storage units

If you don’t have a large garage space, or a big garden shed, there is an affordable and easy solution to storing your garden equipment and furniture – storage units!

Renting a short term storage unit will avoid cluttering up your valuable storage space at home and provide a safe, dry  and clean environment to keep your garden paraphernalia – much of which you may have paid substantial amounts of money.

Clean and sharpen your tools

The more industrial of your garden tools – rakes, spades and such – will need to be thoroughly cleaned before winter storage – failure to do so can lead to rust on metal blades and decay on any wooden aspects of your tools. Warm water and soap, applied liberally with a hard brush, should loosen and remove any grime and dirt – not only does this improve the look of the tools, but also preserves them and increases their lifespan and usage.

It is a useful idea to apply a light coat of oil to the tools once cleaned, as this will prevent moisture from forming and any potential rusting.

After cleaning the tools, it is wise to sharpen any blades on clippers, shears, pruning tools and even shovels and spades. Time spent preparing the tools at the end of the summer will make them easier to use and more effective when required the following spring. Any hinges should be treated with an appropriate oil to keep them lubricated.

Power tools & garden equipment

These tools have likely cost you reasonable amounts of money so it is in your interests to properly maintain and store them through the winter period. Ensure your lawnmower, trimmers and powered cutters are thoroughly cleaned of any debris or ground-in dirt. Change the oil where appropriate and grease all the joints, bolts and movable parts of the equipment – this will help prevent rust. Where appropriate, empty any fuel tanks before storage.

Garden furniture

As with the garden tools and equipment, it is important to thoroughly clean your outdoor furniture before storing it away for the winter.

Wooden furniture

Use a specialist, professional wood cleaner and apply with a soft brush, then ensure all items are dry. Form a protective layer over the wood by applying an appropriate varnish or wood treatment – this will strengthen your furniture and protect it over the extended storage period.

Metal furniture

The best way to clean your metal garden furniture is simply use soapy water and a clean, soft cloth. After thoroughly rinsing your furniture, ensure it is properly dried. For extra protection, treat your metal items with car wax and buff the furniture.

Wicker and rattan furniture

These materials are a little more difficult to clean and protect but vacuuming the furniture with an appropriate attachment should remove any trapped and excess dirt. When vacuumed, wipe the furniture down with a clean, damp cloth and then dry it using an appropriate soft microfibre cloth.

Plastic furniture

The easiest garden furniture material to clean and store – simply wash with soapy water and dry accordingly. A simple solution of warm water and dishwasher detergent applied with a sponge will thoroughly clean plastic patio furniture.

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