Top Reasons Why You Might Need Short Term Storage In London

There are many scenarios that can dictate a change of circumstances and living arrangements for us all that can put a demand on the available space in which live – as well as the inevitable gradual build-up of possessions and items that can strain our space at home. Self-storage units can often be a viable, practical, and affordable option to help ease that restricted space pressure and strain – here are some reasons why you may want to consider making use of personal storage:

You might be selling your house

The transaction between vacating your old home and moving into your new address isn’t always a seamless one! There may be a delay, for example you may want to vacate your property before finding a new one to avoid losing a sale because of potential purchaser’s time limitations, so using personal storage will allow you to store your furniture and items safely until you have your own new address and keeping your items in storage also allows you to move into a new property at a more leisurely pace.

Moving into a new house might mean you have less space

If you moving to new property or, perhaps, going to share a property with a partner for the first time and therefore amalgamating two properties, then making use of personal storage can be a great way to safely store some of your possessions whilst establishing the new property. Self-storage units can buy you the time to consider which items you want to include in your home, and which may be surplus to requirements once settled.

Renovating your home can mean you need to pack items away

You don’t have to be changing addresses to make use of personal storage – if you are renovating your home, you may well find the job much easier by clearing the rooms of all furniture and items as the alterations and redecorating is undertaken – self-storage units are ideal for storing these household items whilst the work is completed.

Sports equipment usually requires a lot of extra space

Whether you are an avid sports enthusiast or even a just casual participant, personal storage units offer a great answer to sports equipment storage. Some sports are seasonal therefore necessitating use of the equipment for a limited time each year (skiing, canoeing, surfing, for example) and the equipment needed is bulky and space consuming – self-storage units allow you to keep your valuable equipment in a dry, secure space where they can be held in the best condition. It doesn’t have to, obviously, be sports equipment – there are many hobbies that require specific equipment and personal storage is an economic and practical way to safely store whatever gear is required.

Safe and secure storage for garden furniture or tools

There are other seasonal activities other than sports or hobbies, that require space for storing equipment or implements – gardening for example. Much gardening equipment is sizeable and bulky and, along with garden furniture you may want to put away for the winter, can be safely stored in the best conditions by making use of personal self-storage units.

Keep expensive camping equipment in good condition 

If camping is a regular activity for you and your family, then you know the amount of space that is needed to safely store all the necessary items such as tents, stoves, sleeping bags, and other equipment, and sometimes the family home is not the ideal place to keep such items. Self-storage units can cater for all your camping equipment, keeping it dry, safe and in the best condition.

Student belongings need accommodating during holidays

You may have kids studying away from home but need to bring their stuff back to the family residence in between terms and different student accommodations – renting a self-storage unit over the holiday period will cater for their things without turning your own house upside down every time they come home!

Personal Circumstances can mean your storage requirements might change suddenly 

Many things happen in our personal lives that can dictate quite dramatic lifestyle changes – divorce, bereavement, downsizing, new share with partner to name but a few! Short term storage offers a great solution for keeping your valued items safe and sound whilst you take the time for important decisions and adaptations to your new circumstances.

Self-storage for left luggage is an economic option for travelers

Self-storage unit facilities are an ideal – and affordable – alternative to airport facilities. If you are flying away somewhere and stopping over on your journey in, for example, London, then the 24-hour service offered by self-storage facilities will allow you to drop-off and retrieve your luggage at anytime to suit your onward flight. Short term storage in London can prove expensive at some official storage facilities, so utilising personal storage units provides a great solution.