Packaging materials for Self Storage – Here’s a quick checklist

If you are moving house, or simply putting excess household items into storage to create space at home, it can be quite a daunting task. The important thing is to construct a plan to wrap and prepare your goods for storage before you start the actual packing!

Consider the materials you will need for the safest packaging and take into account the size of the space you are using for storage, whether it be some available space in your home or opting for the practicality and safety of a self-storage unit.

Here are some of the packaging materials you will need:

Bubble wrap is an essential item

Probably the first thing people think of when faced with packing any items away for storage!

Bubble wrap is easily attained and is ideal for wrapping around fragile or precious items to give the best protection from damage during transit and in storage. It is easy to use and can be wrapped around any awkwardly shaped items better than some other materials. Ideal for wrapping items such as crockery or delicate ornaments, bubble wrap will give maximum protection whilst your items are in storage.

Not only is bubble wrap an ideal wrapping material, it has the added bonus of being great fun to play with when you’re bored of the packing away!

Keep your items secure with packing paper

Paper is an essential component of packing items away for safe keeping or transport – you can buy specific packing paper from a supplier, but often old newspapers can do just as good a job for you!

Packing items away with paper helps reduce any movement of loose items during transit thus allowing them a better chance of arriving at their storage destination in one piece!

Obtain boxes of varying sizes

Again, a vital packaging tool when packing things away for storage – you can purchase boxes of just about any size and in a range of materials from cardboard to heavy plastic. Boxes are ideal for keeping your stored items in an organized fashion – they are easy to label to identify the box contents and they can be stacked in an orderly way to make the most of your storage space.

Remember to always stack the larger boxes on the bottom and work up to the smaller, less robust boxes in the stack. It is always a good idea to store the more delicate and fragile items in smaller boxes on the top of any box stack.

Packing tape ensures everything stays put

Once you’ve wrapped your items in bubble wrap and/or paper and put them into their relevant boxes, you need to seal the boxes securely. Rolls of tape are the best way to achieve this – specialist packing tape is easy to purchase and can be used to not only seal the box but to reinforce the box itself at any ‘vulnerable’ points. You can also use the tape to wrap and protect individual items before placing them in their storage boxes. You can make the whole process easier by buying a proper tape dispenser – this will allow you to measure and cut the tape accurately and easily without fiddling with scissors!

Covers and sheets are a versatile option for protecting your belongings

There are other materials you can use for packaging – old sheets and towels are ideal for wrapping around items to provide a cushioned protection when being put into storage. There are also customised covers for specific items – if you are storing away mattresses or furniture items, you can source individual covers to put over these items which will help protect them from dust and moisture whilst in your self-storage unit.

Think about using self-storage units

If you have a lot of boxes and items to store, then self-storage units in London offer the ideal solution – they are affordable, practical and provide a secure, clean, and dry environment to store your valuable and precious items, whilst allowing you access to them whenever you need.

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