The benefits of personal self-storage

It’s been a while since we reviewed the numerous benefits of personal self-storage, so let’s remind ourselves of what they are … and see if the reasons sometimes given for not doing it actually stack up!

Space – the final frontier …

Space is what it’s all about really.  Very few of us have enough of it, and even fewer have space to spare.  So when we’re faced with anything out of the ordinary, or we’re simply becoming too overloaded or cluttered, what are our options?

Well, we can start throwing stuff away or giving it to charity, but there may be very good reasons why that isn’t such a good idea.  And the problem may be more complex than that – we may be running a business from home for example, and need the stuff … but simply not have enough space.

Of course, the problem gets even worse the more expensive space is, and it doesn’t get much more expensive than London.

So why might we consider personal self storage?

There are lots of reasons – and we’re sure you’ll have some of your own – but here are some for starters:

  • moving house
  • de-cluttering to help sell your house
  • working from home
  • needing to clear space for building work or decorating
  • clearing out the loft
  • off-site storage
  • deciding to park a car or bikes in the garage, and needing to find somewhere to put everything that was in it before!
  • student’s summer storage
  • storing seasonal clothes
  • somewhere to keep bulky sporting or hobby equipment

The list really is quite extensive.

A temporary and flexible solution

If we look at that list, it’s clear that in most cases personal self-storage is ideal … we only need the space on a temporary basis, so if we can find the right supplier, who offers flexible terms where you only pay for the space you need when you need it, then we have the answer to our problem!

Reasons sometimes given for not doing it

  • because most stored objects depreciate in value.  Well, that may be the case for certain types of item, but this assumes that you put a financial value on your belongings.  And as we know, some things we can’t put a value on can we?  Old photos, school reports, your collection of vinyls, children’s toys.  To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, there are some who know the price of everything and the value of nothing
  • all you’ll do is buy more “stuff”!  Have you ever put anything in the loft and thought “do I really need to keep this?” … and then found it months or even years later, considered throwing it away, but thought “maybe it will come in handy some day”?  We thought so.  We’re a nation of hoarders, what’s the problem?  (And by the way – maybe it will come in handy some day!)
  • personal storage can be costly.  Not if you find the right supplier, where you only pay for the space that you need for the items that you store, where you don’t need to enter into long-term contracts, where you don’t have a long notice period, where the T&C’s are flexible, and where the customer service is second to none
  • there are security concerns.  Not if your supplier has round the clock monitoring, BT Redcare, and secure ring-fenced partitions
  • if you can store it for years and never look at it, you can live without it.  This harks back to the previous point about buying more stuff.  Notwithstanding whether it has any “value” or not, some things are simply too important to throw away – aren’t they?
  • If you’re not convinced – why not take the opportunity offered by the prospect of putting things into personal storage to have an audit.  Realistically, there probably are some things that can go – but there’ll be a whole load of things that can’t.  It can a very enjoyable, not to say eye-opening, experience clearing a loft for example – and we’re sure you’ll have some pleasant surprises along the way!

What next?

Look no further!

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