How to make your storage unit price cheaper in London

When it comes to self-storage, you want to be sure you are utilising your space as much as possible. There are many people out there who like to keep hold of everything. But when it starts to cost more than the items are worth, you really need to start taking into consideration whether you are storing the right stuff for the price you have to pay. We’ve pulled together our top tips for making your storage unit price cheaper in London:

Take time to organise your belongings

It might seem like a laborious task but it’s worthwhile if it will help save you pennies in the long run. Take stock of everything you have; go through everything and decide what is worthwhile keeping and what is simply junk. It doesn’t have to take forever, put aside a designated weekend to sort through everything and reduce the clutter. Remember, if you haven’t used it for over a year, or even forgot you owned it, chances are you don’t need it anymore!

Sell or donate what you don’t need

You might not have used it for well over a year, but chances are someone else might. And you’ll feel much better about getting rid of stuff if you know it is going to a better place. Depending on whether you think you can actually make some money from it, take some time to add to selling sites, or attempt a car boot sale. Otherwise, donating to charity is a sure-fire way to make you feel better by paying it forward.

But also consider the costs to replace

While purging is a great thing to do, you want to be sure you are getting rid of the right stuff. People can easily fall into the trap of keeping something because they might use it one day, vs people getting rid of everything too rashly and then finding the need to repurchase something similar. So be sure to take your time to go through your belongings and really consider what is worth keeping and what is worth getting rid of.

Compare costs of living space vs storage space

The cost of living is increasingly more expensive, giving you a lot less space for your money, so consider the costs of upgrading your home vs the cost of storage. It goes without saying that storage units in London are likely far cheaper than renting or buying a bigger place to live. There is a range of storage unit prices so consider what your options are and which is most beneficial to you.

Utilise your own storage or consider asking family

Make sure you are utilising every inch of your space at home first before considering self-storage. It might be that all you need is better storage solutions – more shelving, containers, another shed.

If you know someone with ample storage space at home, you could always ask that family member or friend to help out? It might be something that is beneficial to the recipient, which they could use until you have space to reclaim it back. Or you could even offer to pay them to store items so they’ll be more receptive to the idea.

Always shop around for storage

Make sure you have considered all your options when choosing self-storage. There are many different places to choose from, all with their own offering, so be sure you’ve chosen the one that works best for you. Some companies even offer discounted prices or special offers, so be sure you are getting the best price to suit too!

Think about the size of your storage unit

You really only want to be renting a self-storage unit just big enough to house everything. If you’re spending over the odds on storage unit prices with a unit that is double the size of what you need, you will find yourself in trouble. Remember, you’re likely to be housing long-term items, so you can afford to pack up high and all around. You don’t need ample space to move freely in the unit if you’re not intending to visit often. And make sure anything you think you might need sooner is at the front of the unit.

Remember that less is more!

It goes without saying that the best thing you can do to avoid high storage costs is to buy less stuff! So many people hoard items they will never use again, for the simple pleasure of buying them in the first place. Consider what you need and what you don’t need and keep your house in a more minimalistic frame of mind. You don’t need mountains of stuff to fill a home. And you will feel better for it, both financially and mentally!

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