Top tips for first time storage users

People often have a need for temporary, or longer term, storage space for a variety of reasons. Whether you are redecorating your home, moving home or work altogether, or simply decluttering your space, then personal storage units are a great solution for creating that extra room. There are many storage facilities that offer variable space, full security and a safe, dry environment at a range of affordable storage prices.

If you’ve not made use of a storage facility before, here are some tips for the most effective use of the space offered:

Use a clear and effective labelling process

In order to get the best use from your storage units, you need to ensure that you have an efficient process for accessing your items. Masses of stacked boxes can be a daunting prospect when looking for a specific item, or when the need to move and unpack the stored goods arises. Although it may seem inconvenient and laborious at the time of initially packing-up your boxes, clear labelling of the contents is essential!

Storing the boxes by room contents may be the way to go, or perhaps by type of contents alone – whichever process you opt for, ensure the labelling is bold, concise and clear – at a later date, you’ll be glad you took the time!

Shelving may be highly useful

Depending upon the nature of the items you’re storing, then shelving may prove to be a viable and useful tool. Personal storage units can be provided with racking and shelving already in place – this is ideal if storing stock items or paperwork and such.

Shelving can provide easier access to items as well as delivering a neater, more structured look to your storage unit.

Organisation makes 0n-going access much easier

Organisation at the outset will make any on-going access to your items much easier. As stated earlier with the labelling, having an organised system will benefit you in the longer term. Take care when stacking your labelled boxes – bigger, taller and bulkier boxes are better stacked towards the back of your storage unit, against a wall.

Identify which items/boxes you are likely to need to access more frequently and ensure they are placed in an easily accessible position in the unit. Structured stacking of the boxes will make the best use of the floor space available and make access to all items easier.

Dismantle larger items if possible

If any of the larger storage items can be dismantled, then that is often the best way to store them – especially if they are going to be in storage for a long period. Although, it may seem like a lot of effort, depending upon the storage space you have, it may well release precious storage space for extra items.

Always check what items are allowed to be stored

You should always check that your intended storage items are appropriate for personal storage units. Whilst most people look to store items such as furniture or household contents, there are restrictions on some objects. Any perishable goods or flammable/dangerous materials may well be prohibited – storage facilities management will be able to let you have a list of any restricted items.

Chelsea Self Storage

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