Why would you need a long term storage solution?

More and more people are making use of personal storage as a long term storage solution. It can be one of the most convenient ways to keep your possessions in tip-top shape while they’re not needed. So, why would you need a long-term self-storage solution?


According to recent studies, in the last five years, many people have taken the opportunity to do more travelling on a long-term basis. This could mean travelling to different destinations throughout a 12 month period or taking on a job in a different country for a short time. If you plan to be out of the country for a significant period of time, you may not need to continue paying rent. But, that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all of your possessions. Using a self-storage unit would ensure you can keep your belongings and return home to them.

Saving money

It’s becoming a lot more difficult for young couples to get on the property ladder. To secure a mortgage many people have to save at least 10% of the property value as a deposit, not to mention enough money to cover solicitors fees and moving costs. One of the best ways young couples can achieve this goal is to temporarily move in with parents or other relatives, rent-free, to save the amount they need for a deposit. In the meantime, long-term storage in London could be the solution needed to store any furniture or belongings they want to take with them to their new home.


When there’s a death in the family, people often find themselves at a loss with what to do with a loved one’s possessions. Some items are just too precious to sell or throw away, and yet you need the space to keep them in your own home. A great compromise would be to keep them in long-term storage where they are safe and can be seen at any time. This way, certain items can be kept as family heirlooms for future generations.

A self-storage unit can solve a multitude of problems and it doesn’t have to cost the Earth!

Chelsea Self Storage

Chelsea Self Storage we have 30 years experience in providing the ideal storage solutions for businesses. We understand the optimal storage methods for archived documents and records and can help you calculate the right size of unit you’ll need to maximise your budget. With some of the lowest competitive rates in the capital, we’re convinced that we can offer a file management solution that’s just right for your business.

We are conveniently located near Kensington, a short walk from the Kings Road in Fulham, and have satisfied clients right across London who can testify to our capability and customer service.

If you need to reclaim valuable office storage space then contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you archive your records safely and securely.