Our top self storage hacks to make the most of your space

Every now and again we all pluck up the courage and actually set about restoring some order to our belongings around the house. Often the best solution is to employ some form of personal self-storage. However, there is a knack to making this process the most efficient and effective.

Here are some ‘tips’ to help get the most from your self-storage:

Vacuum pack clothes

How often have you gone to sort out your wardrobe, determined to finally dispose of the stuff you haven’t worn for ages – then when it comes to it, you just can’t? Your fear of it inexplicably coming back into fashion or you just consider it far too nice to throw, or give, away means you can’t part with it! So – keep it – but keep it sensibly!

Store them away in a vacuum pack –these bags fold down to space-saving flat packs – and, being air-tight, keep your clothes damp and dust free. They are also a great solution for keeping often bulky, spare bedding items.

Take photos

Photograph the contents of any storage boxes you’re using – then print the photo out and attach it to the appropriate box. Then, when you inevitably, suddenly need that item you’ve not used for years and recently packed away, you can easily identify it and its location.

Buy the right sized box

Many people, when buying self-storage, just get the biggest boxes they can without really considering what items are going into them – leading to a lot of wasted space within your storage box. Identify the appropriate sized box for the intended items to be stored. When packing the box, fill any gaps, or wrap delicate items, with towels and sheets – that can free up space in the previously mentioned vacuum packs, and can save you the trouble and expense of extra packaging materials.

Make use of existing hollow space

If you’re storing furniture of any kind – chest of drawers, bedside tables, drawer divan beds, then use those built-in storage spaces to pack away further items you want to store.

Press jewellery in cling film

How often do you put necklaces and other such jewellery in a drawer, or box, in a perfectly neat and orderly fashion only to discover the next time you want to use it, it is inevitably, and inexorably, entangled with every other item in the drawer!

To avoid this, spread your jewellery onto a sheet of cling film, then place another on top and simply press together – this will prevent even the most determined chains and bracelets from getting entangled! You can then roll the sheet in tissue paper to save more storage space.

Stack boxes in a smart manner

It may seem obvious but, is often overlooked. Put the bigger, heavier boxes on the bottom and leave the lighter items – and the things you’re more likely to retrieve more often, within easy reach.

Disassemble furniture for extra space

If you’re brave enough to disassemble furniture where relevant, in order to store it and reassemble elsewhere at a later date, then make sure you record the process. Take photos of each piece as you disassemble it. This way, you will have a guide as to the correct assembly when required. Alternatively, video the disassembly process and you can just follow the process in reverse later to reassemble. Ensure, also, that you collect all screws, tools and such, and keep them safe in a clear bag which you attach to the relevant furniture pieces.

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