Top ways to reduce your business costs in london

All businesses, large and small, are always looking for ways to reduce overheads and increase profitability. Making your business more efficient is a vital part of maintaining and growing – and is essential for smaller businesses where every penny counts!

Here are some suggestions on aspects of your business you could consider to cost-cut without adversely affecting your business:

Save money on warehouse rental

Renting traditional warehouse space can be a massive overhead for a business. Often there is a limited range of size of space – you can end-up paying a hefty price for space you don’t actually need – or the same hefty price for a space that isn’t actually enough and is inefficient!

Self-storage units can be a far more manageable, and cost-effective, business storage alternative. There is a vast range of different-sized units you can rent that will better suit your requirements and business needs. Typically, with a self-storage unit, you would have a short-term, and flexible, arrangement that is more affordable and allows you to cater for any change in business circumstance or requirement. You can upsize or downsize your rented space, dependent upon your on-going needs – so, for example, if your business is ‘seasonal’ in any way, your space requirements are likely to fluctuate throughout the year – storage units offer the flexibility to tailor your space requirements with the trends of your business.

Storage units also offer 24-hour security and access to your space – not something that is always afforded in larger warehouse space configurations and services.  

Reduce your need for office space

Office space can be an expensive overhead, especially in the cities – short term storage in London can be a great alternative. A storage unit for your business can enable you to use your main office space more efficiently – very often you’ll be paying a premium for formal office space and keeping furniture, equipment, paperwork or stock within that same space. Many of these items, that you only require sporadically, or just need to store, can be moved to a cheaper self-storage unit, thus freeing-up valuable office space – or, more importantly, perhaps allowing you to rent a smaller formal space and saving you considerable overheads!

Specialise more to produce a great product or service

Often, the offer of multiple services, or products, will carry with them increased overheads. Specialise more and you’ll produce a better quality service and build more repeat business and referral. This way of building your customer base will reduce your need for marketing and advertising. If there is a demand for a wider range of services that you offer, look at the alternative of retaining the business, but subcontracting some services out. This will retain your portfolio of services but allow you to specialise more.

Look at marketing alternatives

As just mentioned, building more business on referral is a really cost-effective way to increase your business. Look at other alternatives for your advertising – consider on-line marketing and the use of social media – these are far cheaper advertising media than some of the more traditional methods for marketing.

Consider all the options available to you and choose the most appropriate methods for yourself and your business – there is always some way to reduce your business costs without jeopardising your profitability.

Chelsea Self Storage

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