5 Ways Self Storage Can Help With Everyday Life

More and more people are discovering – and using – personal self-storage units as a way of creating more valuable space in their homes whilst keeping their valuable items secure. Self-storage units are not just a facility to unnecessarily hoard items, but to make much smarter and efficient use of the valuable space in our properties. Here are some basic reasons to consider renting a personal self-storage unit:

Creating Space to Redecorate

If you are undertaking any form of redecorating or remodeling your home, you can make the task much quicker and easier by taking advantage of a personal self-storage unit. By storing your furniture and possessions in a self-storage unit you can clear a much more workable space in each room you decorate. This also protects your household items from any dust, paint, and potential damage of your furniture whilst trying to work around it.

Storage Whilst Moving Home

If you are moving home – especially if you are downsizing – then you will, inevitably, be faced with difficult decisions over what items of furniture and belongings to take with you to your new property. There may be items that are deeply personal to you – family heirlooms or simply items to which you have an emotional attachment – but will not be appropriate for your new home. A personal self-storage unit offers the ideal solution. You can store these items in a secure, dry, and comfortable environment for as long as you wish or need.

Working from Home

A greater number of us than ever are now working from home. The change in working habits, accelerated through the pandemic, and the rise of e-commerce business capabilities, means that many of our homes now double as a place of work. Many people run entire businesses from their houses now. And many of these businesses require the storage of stock, as well as the equipment and space needed for the actual daily running of the business. Self-storage units offer the ideal facility for stock storage, or for securely archiving important business paperwork and records, freeing up valuable space in the home.

Decluttering Valuable Items

Decluttering is a task that we all face periodically. It’s amazing how quickly we can accumulate ‘clutter’ in the home, and a regular clearance of items we no longer use nor need is often necessary. Decluttering our living space allows a better organized home and can actually reduce everyday stress, giving us greater control and efficiency around the house. Decluttering can take the form of a simple wardrobe or cupboard clearance to working through the entire house. Renting a self-storage unit to store items that we may no longer use on a daily basis, but are reluctant, for a variety of reasons, to part with, can create that valuable space at home. Whilst also retaining our precious items in a safe and secure environment, for us to access and restore to our home whenever we wish.

General Storage Space

There are many everyday aspects of home life that often require extra storage space. Perhaps you are a family that keeps various sports equipment items. Such as tennis racquets, hockey sticks, surf boards in the summer. Perhaps skis, snowboards, and such during the winter months? A personal self-storage unit can be the ideal place to store the seasonal equipment when not being used. Many of us have a garden, and with that, relevant gardening tools. A self-storage unit provides a much more secure place to store these, often expensive, tools along with other seasonal items such as garden furniture, BBQ’s and such.

For all these reasons highlighted, along with other potential situations – for example, kids returning home from University or College every summer, or going away from the home for a lengthy holiday or on business – personal self-storage offers a genuine solution to many everyday space problems. Personal self-storage prices do not have to be restrictive. Indeed, storage unit prices can be very affordable and provide the perfect environment to keep your valuable possessions safe and sound. These storage facilities often have 24-hour CCTV systems in place, professional alarm systems, and temperature and humidity-controlled storage units for which you can have personal access at any time.

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