Personal Storage Solutions For Moving Abroad

There has been a growing trend in people deciding to move abroad for various reasons. Maybe a better, warmer climate for health and wellbeing, or emigrating full-time to destinations such as Australia or Canada as different lifestyle choices. Perhaps career and work opportunities offer futures abroad. Whatever the reason, moving yourself, family and all your possessions abroad can be a daunting task. One way to ease that burden is to rent personal self-storage space whilst you make decisions on individual items you want or need to take, and those you either want to dispose of or leave behind. It may not be convenient, nor practical to store things – especially larger furniture items – with friends or family, so self-storage is a great option! Here are some considerations with regards to personal self-storage:

Sorting Through Possessions

If moving abroad the likelihood is that you won’t want to take ALL your items and possessions with you. Moving the entire contents of your current house may well be impractical. For example, you may have pieces of furniture that will neither suit nor ‘fit’ your new home. These can be difficult to transport abroad, and you may want to start afresh in your new house with completely new pieces. For example, the couches you have in your lounge currently may be very nice but will not necessarily be suitable for your new house. Using personal self-storage is a way to temporarily retain your items whilst you decide which of your pieces will be useful to you in your new location.

This move is the opportunity to properly sort through all the items you have accumulated over the years and decide what you want to retain as either necessary, practical items, or purely for sentimental and emotional reasons. And some pieces that serve neither of these purposes, but you just like and want to keep! Personal self-storage units offer a cost-effective solution to safely store your valuables.

Whether to Sell or Donate

When sorting your items there will, inevitably, be some that you wish to dispose of. Selling some of these can generate money for yourself. In the meantime, donating other items to either family, friends, or charitable causes of your choice, will dispose of the items responsibly and benefit others in doing so. Personal self-storage units provide a place to temporarily store these items in advance, allowing you to dispose of them over time instead of having to make rushed decisions in the lead up to vacating your property.

Peace of Mind with Security

Whether you want to store items temporarily to assist with your move, or whether your move abroad is only for a limited time, and you want to be able to access your items once returned, then personal self-storage units offer the ideal solution. Your items will be kept in a dry, clean, and controlled environment, meaning they will be in the same condition on your return as they were when you entered them into storage. In addition, they will have been in a safe and secure unit keeping them from damage or theft. Storage unit prices don’t have to be restrictive – indeed, there are facilities where self-storage prices are very affordable. Often, for longer-term deals – as yours would be in these circumstances – even more favourable storage rates may be offered!

Choose Chelsea Self Storage

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