Top 3 Things To Consider Before Doing Home Improvements This Summer

As the weather gets warmer many of us think that the Summer is the ideal time to do home improvements. Whether you are consider a large project like installing a new kitchen or bathroom or a smaller project like decorating the dining room it’s important to consider all aspects of the job before you start to undertake the work.

What Do You Want To Change?

Before you even start your project no doubt you will already be thinking about what areas of your home need a spruce – or even an overhaul!

It may be you need more space for a new family member, and so you may be considering a loft conversion. Or your kitchen is a little dated and impractical and so you are thinking of an overhaul. Maybe you are thinking about moving home and want to make home improvements before putting your house on the market to ensure you can get a good price?

It’s important to be clear on your vision for your renovations before you commence the work. You may have a few ideas but whittling them down to a feasible project within you set budget is the first step in improving your home.

How Will It Impact Future Space?

Changes that require you to convert a loft, or use that understairs cupboard as new downstairs WC, will no doubt affect your long term home storage options. It is important to think about your home storage options both in the short term and the long term. It may be you want to sell that old computer monitor you’ve had in the attic for a while, but you’re unlikely to want to sell the family heirlooms. Self storage may be a better option for keeping these items safe if they are cluttering up space you need.

How Long Will It Take?

Smaller projects may only take a few days, but if you are considering a larger overhaul you will need to think about storage whilst renovating. If your project will take weeks or months and home storage will be an issue, it may be better to arrange a self storage unit for your items during renovations. Keeping your items in a unit will keep your home tidier and will also keep them safe from any home improvement accidents.

Don’t forget that your home may be a little dusty, not only during the renovations, but also for a little while after the improvements have been completed. Leaving time for ‘the dust to settle’, means you also need to consider some buffer time for how long you will leave your home storage in your self storage unit.

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