Keep Musical Instruments Safe In Personal Storage

People make use of storage containers in London for many reasons – moving home, changing offices, downsizing, student living amongst them – but personal self-storage can be an ideal way to store valuable items of just about any kind! Musical instruments are often major financial investments for people and leaving them around the house is not always the safest, or wisest, environment for them. There may be times when you need to put the instrument away, or you yourself may be away, for a lengthy period, and in it is in these times of inactivity that potential damage can occur. Making use of long-term storage in London could be the answer. Here are some tips as how to keep your valuable instruments safe and secure:

Use Original Cases

Wherever possible keep the original case or container of your instrument and always return it to the case when not in use. These cases are specifically designed around the instrument, and they will hold all components of the instrument securely in place. If you no longer have the original case – perhaps you bought the instrument second hand – then try to locate a replacement case rather than just using any other ‘handy’ storage receptacle like a bin or box. Whatever you use, ensure that the container used is big enough for all the instrument to fit in and be covered and, importantly, ensure that it is waterproof!

Dismantle The Instrument

If your instrument has multiple components that need to be assembled before use, then take as a lead to the fact that it should disassembled after! Remove mouthpieces, reeds where applicable and any straps or other accessories. If it is a stringed instrument (other than a piano!) then slightly loosen the strings to relieve some tension – the same is advisable with drumheads.

Clean The Instrument

Ensure that your instrument is cleaned properly before being restored to its’ case. Use the designated cleaning cloths and solutions and pack away carefully once cleaned. This will help keep away damaging dust and moisture. If your instrument has padded keys, then it is advisable to place tissue paper in between them.

Take Care

When packing away your instrument then carefully place the different components back in the designated spaces allocated to them in the case. If there is any leeway or gaps in any of the compartments then it may be wise to add some clean, soft material for extra protection. Once packed away, make sure the case is properly closed and securely fastened.

Larger Instruments

Personal self-storage units are ideal places to store larger instruments. Obviously, if you have a piano then you will not have a packing case but for instruments like pianos or perhaps a drumkit, ensure they are properly protected whilst in storage. For pianos ensure that the legs, benches, and pedals are wrapped with padding and, as with all large instruments, covered with a tarpaulin or heavy covering to reduce any harmful effects from moisture, dust and any potential mildew.

Personal Self-Storage

Once you have your instrument inside your storage unit, make sure it is positioned correctly. Any cased instruments should be stored on shelves or higher up the unit – avoid these instruments being on the floor! Do not place other items on top of instrument cases. Storage containers in London are climate-controlled, so will protect your musical instruments from temperature changes and moisture. Long term storage in London offers safe, secure, dry storage conditions at affordable prices and 24-hour, 7-days-a-week access with your own personal keys and access codes to ensure only you, or another authorised person, can ever be allowed near them.

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