Start Student Life With Storage Solutions

It is often said that being a student are some of the best years of your life. This period delivers great education, not only academically, but practical life lessons too. Living independently from your family for the first time offers great opportunities along with challenges. What things do you take with you and where do you store them all? Here are a few aspects to consider when setting off to University for the first time:

What You Should Take With You

You can’t take all your precious belongings, cuddly toys, sports equipment and such with you – so you have to concentrate on the essentials, such as the following:

  • A clothes airer – There probably won’t be any facility indoors or out, for drying your clothes so it will have to be in your room – a clothes airer is easily stored and takes up little space.
  • Toilet Rolls – An absolute essential – and hide them well as they’ll be in great demand!
  • A personal or sentimental keepsake – Being away from home for the first time can be tough early on – a photograph or personal item provides a bit of comfort.
  • Medical Supplies – The basics to keep in your room – painkillers, plasters and any personal medication you use – ‘freshers flu’ and other ailments will come your way, so have the necessary solutions to hand.
  • A Bike – Of course, this is totally dependant on space, but if you have it then a bike is a great way to get around cheaply and easily.
  • Important Documents – Passport, birth certificate, driving license and any other documents needed for ID or insurance and such.
  • Electricals – Laptops, tablets, phones, hairdryer etc.
  • Clothes – Again, you probably can’t take them all from home, so consider the items you most like and are most likely to wear – think practically.
  • Toiletries – Shampoos, perfumes, aftershaves, cosmetics etc.
  • Kitchenware – Depending on your accommodation you may need items such as crockery, cutlery, toaster, kettle etc. – you’ll at least need a fork for the pot noodles!

Personal Storage

Consider using a local self-storage facility to keep any larger or infrequently used items. Renting a secure personal storage unit can provide you with an affordable, safe, dry, and secure space and allow you to take more of your possessions with you from home. Personal storage unit prices are not restrictive, and units of any size can be rented, from small lockers that allow you to store a few boxes, luggage, or electronic equipment, up to units that can accommodate furniture items and sports equipment, bikes etc. Personal storage unit facilities provide size estimators to calculate the space and sized unit you will require and offer the security for your possessions that you want.  Prices may vary from facility to facility based on location, quality and, of course, size so it’s best to look online at the self-storage companies in the area you think you’re going to be based in the immediate future. Most storage company’s websites will allow you to get a quote for your needs, thus allowing you to narrow your options straight away. Calculate how much space you’ll require – the best way to do that is to research unit sizes and their available storage boxes, then work out how many boxes you think you’d need and from there, what size self-storage unit would accommodate that number of boxes – this way you’ll only pay for the storage you need.

Some tips on how to get cheap student self-storage:

  • Use a self-storage comparison site to find the cheapest option for your target area.
  • Ask the storage company if they provide a removal service themselves. Often there may be the use of a van and sometimes even a driver, to help get your things into the self-storage facility.
  • Often, upper-level storage units tend to be cheaper, so ask if any are available.
  • Ask about student discounts – many self-storage companies offer student discounts as much as 50%!
  • Ask about longer-term storage discounts – sometimes a longer contract will achieve a more reasonable rate.
  • Ask the storage company if they can throw in any moving boxes free of charge – some will, some won’t – but asking them costs nothing, so give it a try!
  • Consider sharing a personal storage unit with a friend – if your belongings alone don’t justify the cost of a unit, then maybe sharing the space with a friend will.

Remember, student short term storage in London can be a great solution for keeping your belongings in a safe, secure, and dry place – you can have your own key and 24-hour access to your personal storage unit. Happy packing!

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