Do I Need Long Or Short Term Storage?

Many people make use of self-storage units for a variety of different reasons and purposes – if you are thinking of doing the same, one of the first aspects to consider is the length of time you will need the self-storage unit. Once you have defined whether you want short or long-term storage space, consider the size of the unit you will need and, having established those two important aspects, you can look for appropriate storage units in London or appropriate area. Here are some hints as guidance to making your decision:

Varying Durations of Storage Time

Firstly, let’s establish what qualifies as short or long-term storage – generally, a period of three months or less is regarded as ‘short-term’ storage, so a short-term storage unit rental can be as little as a few days up to three months. Any period above three months is regarded as ‘long-term’ and can last from a few months to years in some cases – it really all depends on what you are storing and for what reason. When researching storage units in London don’t ever feel obliged to take a unit rental period for longer than you need it – if you only want a unit for a couple of weeks, then most self-storage facilities will offer short-term storage in London for that period. The length of any lease you take should depend solely upon your circumstances and your reason for wanting the storage.

What Access Will You Need?

Whether renting short or long-term, one of the important aspects of self-storage to consider is whether you need regular and convenient access to your belongings in store. Depending upon what you are storing, you may want regular and frequent access to your goods – perhaps you are using the storage unit to keep stock for a business and need to regularly despatch items from your store. Longer-term storage is more often required for keeping items that don’t need regular checking or for immediate access – perhaps furniture or seasonal items.

What Are Your Reasons for Needing Storage?

There are many reasons that people rent self-storage units – as mentioned above. People may have equipment or clothing that is seasonal so, instead of taking up valuable space in the home when not required, these items can be put safely into a storage unit. Items such as seasonal sporting equipment like skis or surf or wake boards, golf clubs or perhaps gardening equipment that needs safe, dry storage over winter along with BBQs and patio furniture.

A common reason for renting self-storage units is to help in moving home or redecorating and other home improvements. If you are moving home, it may be easier to do it in ‘stages’ rather than that mad dash to empty one house and move all the furniture and belongings into another, all in one day – renting short-term self-storage in London can allow you to more gradually empty your current home and have your items in storage ready to transfer to your new property at a more leisurely and organised pace. Likewise, you may be remodelling your existing home. Decorating and reconfiguring your property will be much easier if the house has been emptied beforehand, as well as protecting your furniture and possessions from prospective paint damage and dust always generated in decorating!

Extended travelling abroad may be a reason to consider long-term self-storage. If are fortunate enough to be able to take long holiday breaks and go travelling, having your valuable possessions safely stored away can bring a peace of mind and allow you to concentrate on your trip without the worry of the safety of your belongings back home!

Researching Good Storage Environment

Whatever your reasons for wanting self-storage, and whatever period for which you want the unit, you will want to know that your possessions are kept in a safe environment. Many storage units in London offer excellent facilities with state-of-the art security systems and unique personal access to your storage unit. Many have climate-controlled storage units, ensuring that your items are kept dry, clean, and safe, whether you are renting short or long-term.

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