10 self storage tips for packing and organisation

If you’re thinking of clearing some belongings from your home, then personal self storage certainly is a great option. It allows you to declutter your living space and even downsize your home without needing to throw anything important away. However, this then leads to the awkward problem of how to properly pack and organise your self storage unit to get the most out of the room.

Here are our top 10 tips:

1. Plan out the space of your container

Create a plan of action before you start offloading boxes into the unit. Make sure you leave space for walkways and organise areas so that some things are more easily accessible.

2. Make use of vertical space

It is crucial that you stack your storage container as tall as possible, so to maximise the area you are paying for.

3. Create a storage inventory list

This should include everything that is in the locker, and where it is located.

4. Label all your items and boxes

Again, so as to help make everything easy to find, label it clearly. This will also help with unloading your boxes in the first place.

5. Do not store any food or liquids

Make sure there is no food or liquid present in the space as this will become unpleasant over time, attract mold and could also damage your other personal items.

6. Pack all your belongings with care

Remember, everything in the boxes could be there for a long time. So pack it with this in mind.

7. Don’t forget to remove batteries

Over time, batteries will ruin your electronics. So take them out before packing stuff away.

8. If possible, take large items apart

To make it easier to maximise the space, disassemble large items, such as sofas and other furniture.

9. Ideally store your items in matching boxes

If all boxes are similarly sized, it makes it much easier to pack the space and organise it.

10. Consider the temperature of your storage unit

Some items will become perishable in certain temperatures, so consider what is suitable to be left in there for long periods.

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