How to make the most of a small workspace

Modern technology and improved communication and IT systems have led to a decline in the number of businesses working from big, corporate business premises. Many people now work from smaller business units or even home. Whilst this brings many practical benefits, it also has some drawbacks – the prime one often being a lack of space.

Making the most effective use of the work space you have is important, but not always easy! There are, however, options to ease this problem, from your own organisational management to the use of external services – here are some small workspace ideas, and potential solutions, for you to consider:

Remove any clutter from your workspace

If you can initially tidy and organise your existing workspace then it will be easier to create and recognise more storage room. Get ruthless – throw away old, non-essential paperwork and equipment. Once decluttered, ensure that the newly-organised space is maintained – introduce a weekly, or monthly, tidying regime, and deal with new, incoming paperwork or goods immediately upon arrival.

Add shelving to make use of wall space

Sounds obvious, but make the most of your existing space by installing appropriate shelving. Your wall space is as good as anywhere else to use for storage – so shelving can be used to remove items from your current work surfaces, such as desks, tables and filing cabinets.

Utilise other storage opportunities

Same as for shelving – if you have available space, perhaps in an ‘unorthodox’ gap, then there are a variety of storage units available that can fit into your work environment and help to relieve the storage space situation.

Increase space by using a small business storage unit

Always worth considering – renting a small business storage unit can be a great way to increase your storage facilities and release some everyday space from your work environment. You may need to keep certain amounts of documentation for legal, or financial recording, reasons – these can often take up a lot of space in your office, although you don’t actually need them daily. Putting these items into a business storage unit both keeps them safe and secure, and eases your storage problems at work.

You can also use temporary storage units for housing of stock items as well as historical paperwork. A local storage company will be able to offer you premises of different sizes, and for any length of time you may require it.

Short term security

If you have valuable work equipment, tools, or stock, then a business storage unit is ideal – they are equipped with the latest security methods and are often manned 24 hours a day.


These units are invariably ‘kitted-out’ with racking and shelving already installed, providing organised and safe storage for your items.

Another tip for saving office space is to consider how you currently store paperwork and documentation. Why not keep emails and other business documents electronically, rather than printing them off for long term document storage or physical archiving?

Digitise as much of your existing documentation as you can and ensure you ‘back-up’ your files – you can then dispose of the bulky physical copies and release space.

Chelsea Self Storage

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