How chelsea self storage is helping local landlords

For many people nowadays, the costs involved in buying property is massively prohibitive and therefore impractical. This had led to a sharp growth in people renting accommodation, rather than buying, thus swelling the rental market in recent years. The financial ‘rent-to-buy’ market terms and conditions have meant that those fortunate enough to be in a position to take advantage of them, have been able to extend their rental property portfolios.

With that extended property ownership, also comes the responsibilities of landlords. Here are some aspects to consider:

Property maintenance

Landlords are faced with a number of responsibilities in providing acceptable living accommodation for their tenants – not least of these, are the maintenance and upkeep of the properties to particular standards and conditions. There is a constant requirement for renovation, decoration and maintenance of the houses and apartments. There will probably be a regular ‘turnover’ of tenants – some wanting furnished accommodation and some unfurnished.

Storage space

One of the major issues faced by landlords everywhere is furniture storage space. If you are responsible for a number of properties, then in between tenancies, there is a requirement for thorough cleaning and probable redecoration. In order to do this properly, furniture and fittings will need to be removed – the big dilemma is where to store these items whilst renovation/cleaning is done. One option is to move them from room to room whilst you undertake the work, or even to swap them between your properties – however, this is not always efficient, and will entail taking up space of one kind or another in your properties.

Landlord storage solutions

Another, perhaps more practical and affordable, option is to rent self-storage units. Broadly speaking, one small unit could house an ‘apartment’s-worth’ of furniture. This would facilitate any ‘spare’ furniture you may have between rental periods or, as we said, accommodate these items whilst your properties are being cleaned or renovated.

In the densely populated areas of Kensington and Chelsea, a residential environment where rented accommodation is prevalent, Chelsea Self Storage offer a tailor-made solution to your space problems. Their units are fully secure and fitted with the latest security features – they provide dry, safe storage in units of different sizes to cater for any requirement. You can access your property on a 24/7 basis, making it convenient to load and unload your furniture at any time to fit into your busy schedule. They provide the perfect offsite facility to keep your items in pristine condition and make managing your properties easier and, therefore, improving the professionalism and efficiency of your rental business.