Why Tradesmen Should Use Business Storage Units

All tradesmen need the appropriate tools to do their job – and, in some cases, this equipment may be substantial and expensive! Many tradesmen will use a van to get to their job locations in which they transport their tools – but many will also use that van to store this equipment overnight and in between jobs! This, however, is not the safest nor most sensible solution – these tools and equipment are your livelihood so it is advisable to protect them as best you can, and business storage can offer the ideal solution. Here are some reasons to consider renting a business storage unit for your valuable work equipment:    

Reduce Theft with Business Storage

Thefts from trade vans is very common – would-be thieves are aware that the contents of a trade van may well be valuable and not too difficult to access! The presence of a car alarm is often not much of a deterrent to thieves and the loss of your tools and equipment can be far more costly to you and your business than the simple replacement of the individual items – the loss of business contracts through your non-availability because of the theft can cause serious damage to both your income and your professional reputation! Keeping your valuable work gear in a business storage unit will keep it safe and secure – most storage unit developments have state-of-the-art security systems such as 24 hour CCTV, personal access codes to each individual unit and the relevant locks and protection. 

Avoid Damage  

As well as the security aspect of business storage units they offer protection against damage to your work equipment. If you store all your equipment in your van then it travels with you to and from each job location and could be damaged in the process – keeping your tools in a business storage unit means you can select only the tools you need for that specific job, leaving the rest of your valuable equipment safe and sound in your storage unit until specifically required for a different appointment. 

Use Business Storage to Save Space  

Another obvious benefit of having a business storage unit is the space-saving element – as your business builds so will the likely necessity for further or added equipment. Your van could end-up over-full and inefficient with regards to space – all of which can compromise the condition of your valuable equipment. Storing all your work equipment in your van may eventually lead to you needing a bigger van simply to store all your tools, though you don’t necessarily need to be taking them all to every job! Renting a business storage unit is a much more cost-effective way to both save space and maintain the condition of your equipment! 

Insurance Cover 

Not all business insurance will provide cover for the leaving of your tools in your van overnight – and any subsequent theft or damage may leave you having to cover the cost of replacement yourself – again damaging your pocket and your business! Keeping your work equipment in a business storage unit will not only provide much greater security but can also come with insurance for the unit itself and the contents, providing you with valuable peace of mind that your business is better protected overall.  

Choose Chelsea Self Storage London for your Business Storage Needs! 

Business storage unit prices are not necessarily prohibitive – and the overall savings to your business, as well as the knowledge of its security – make it a viable and sensible option for storing your important work equipment. If you are looking for short or long- term storage in London, then speak with Chelsea Self Storage – they are a reputable, established business storage facility that can provide cost-effective, professional storage solutions for any business.