Why Business Storage For Wedding Planners Is Essential

If you run an events business of any kind then you will be well-aware of the amount of equipment, props, decorations, lights, and such that you need to access on a regular basis – wedding planners especially need to keep in stock a wide variety of different items to dress their events. Working from home quickly becomes a ‘non-starter’ as you accumulate a growing number of items from event to event – and crammed storage space means less organisation and access, along with potential damage, to your often expensive equipment. The best solution is business storage – here are some reasons why you should consider self-storage units for your wedding planning business:


A lot of the equipment and items you need for organising a wedding can be big, bulky – and often expensive or valuable! Business storage offers a secure, clean, dry, and safe place to keep your items – they can be held in a climate-controlled, large space that allows you to properly organise and keep your items in a storage facility that offers state-of-the-art security and strictly personal access.

Practical Organisation

If you have started your business from home – as many people initially do – then, as your business has grown you will have found it more and more difficult to organise and store your items in what can quickly become a limited and crowded space at home! A business storage unit allows you to separate your work life from your home and offers a dedicated space for you to properly organise your wedding planning items – you can group together all the relevant items so that you always know where each item is, and they can be accessed quickly and easily when required. Proper organisation in a dedicated unit can also allow you to be constantly aware of the stock items you possess – so it is easily identified if you need to acquire something different or extra for a specific wedding.

Business Documentation

As a wedding planner you will have access to a lot of personal and confidential information about your clients and families – you have a duty as a professional to keep this information safe and secure. A business storage facility allows you to store the relevant documentation in a safe and secure place to which only you have access.

Professional Service

You are overseeing what is for many people the most important day of their lives – no small responsibility, so it is essential that you have everything in place and the day goes well! Letting them down is not an option, so being properly organised and set for the event is essential – business storage units will help you achieve that by allowing you to prepare quickly and orderly to access the items you need for the wedding event and avoid any ‘last minute panic’ searching for specific items you know you have somewhere but can’t find! The dedicated storage space allows you to be properly organised and professionally prepared to deliver the service your clients need!


Many wedding planners keep ‘unsociable’ hours as such – you may need to set off in the early hours of the morning for a wedding set-up, or need to be loading up your van late at night for an early start the following day, or unloading late at night after an event – business storage allows you 24 hour access to your items, so whether it is a late finish or an early start to your working day you can put away or pick up your valuable items at any time!

If you run a wedding planning business and are looking for short term storage in London, then speak with Chelsea Self Storage – they offer business storage units of all sizes and capacities. Their experienced and knowledgeable staff can advise you on the best facilities for your business with storage unit prices that are competitive and affordable and can make your business better organised and professional.