5 Sports That Personal Self Storage Is Great For 

We are always being advised as to the benefits of healthy lifestyles and exercise regimes and many people participate in their favourite sports to achieve this fitness for both health and enjoyment. Some of these activities can be practised all-year round and require nothing more than a decent pair of shoes and some kit – if you are a runner for example – but some follow sports that are seasonal and require specialist equipment. Very often this equipment is expensive to buy and can be difficult to store at home in the ‘off-seasons’ when not required – personal self storage provides the perfect solution! Here are some examples and tips on self storage for you to consider:  

Storing Your items

You may require different preparations for storing your equipment, dependent upon what the items are, but there are some tips for storage in general: 

Best Use of Space

Always make the best use of the personal self storage unit you rent – you are paying for the space – and storage unit prices do not have to be expensive nor restrictive – but you will want to get the best value for your money. If the storage has shelves or racking, then use these spaces to store smaller and lighter items – this frees-up more floor space for larger items and keeps them off the ground and more easily accessible. If storing items in boxes then place the larger, heavier boxes at the bottom of any stack and leave space to access them easily.   

Condition of Items

Before submitting your items to storage ensure they are in their best condition – clean the equipment thoroughly and pack away any clothing neatly. This will help prevent any damage or deterioration of the items and ensures that when you next need the equipment it is in a condition for you to immediately use upon removal from storage.   

Store Items Together

Pack all relevant and complimentary items together – you don’t want to be searching around different parts of your storage unit to find all the items you need for one activity!   

Clearly Identify Items

Likewise, it is important to label your items – you want to be able to clearly identify and access all the elements you need when gathering your equipment. Any storage boxes should be clearly marked, and complementary items stored together. You should also create an inventory when initially putting your items into storage, and it can help if you draw a map of your storage unit and mark where you have placed each item. 

Types of Sports Equipment 

  • Bicycles – When storing bicycles you should remove any lights, electronic devices, or water bottles and such. Clean the bike and ensure the tyres are fully inflated and chains and cables are properly lubricated. Either prop the bike up securely against a wall of the storage unit or, better still, affix a wall bracket and hang the bicycle there. 
  • Skis and Snowboards – Winter sports equipment needs to be properly prepared before going into storage. Thoroughly wax your skis or board, repair any damage, and firmly bind skis together with a thick rubber band. Ideally, you should lie the skis flat to protect them from warping. 
  • Surf Boards – You should ‘strip’ the board removing any wax and ensure it is properly clean and dry – this should help prevent any rust or deterioration of the board whilst in storage. If you have a surfboard bag, then use that to store the board to help prevent scratches and dust accumulation. Store the board upright in a secure space in the unit.   
  • Golf Equipment – Thoroughly clean all your clubs before putting them into storage – use warm, soapy water, a towel and thick brush to remove any stubborn mud or dirt. Wipe down your golf bag and wash any towels and gloves used – store your clubs in an upright position in your golf bag and cover them with a sheet to prevent dust accumulation.  
  • Gym Equipment – When storing gym equipment consider the weight of the items – invest in a proper weight rack for your storage unit rather than relying on storage boxes to store your weights. Clean the items ensuring there is no dust on mechanisms such as cross-trainers, treadmills, and rowing machines. Wash down all items to remove any residual sweat or dirt and wipe clean with a dry cloth. Dismantle any equipment that can be broken-down and box and clearly label all parts – it is a good idea to photograph the equipment at each stage to help in reassembly later.   

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