Why Personal Storage Is Perfect For Emergencies

There are many reasons that people rent self-storage units, but it is usually as part of a larger planned event or circumstance – moving home for example or leaving the country for a lengthy period or simply as extra storage if the house becomes a little “crowded”! It is worth, however, considering renting self-storage as a guard against potential emergency situations – here are some examples to consider:  


Personal storage units are ideal for storing emergency supplies – items of clothing, bedding, food, and medicines. Whilst it may seem a little extreme, you never know when an emergency in your home may occur – fire, flood etc – and if you have to evacuate your home at immediate notice, there may not be time to grab such items, so to have these basic essential items safely stored nearby could be a real blessing at a difficult time!  

Home Repairs

Although it’s not a common occurrence in this country, changing weather patterns and climate behaviour have led to more frequent flooding and stormy weather conditions in recent years. Often these events can lead to damage to your home or business which necessitate comprehensive repairs that take time to complete. In these events renting personal storage units can be the ideal solution to removing your furniture and valuable items to a place of safety and security whilst the necessary repairs and renovations are carried out on your property. 

Moving Home

The housing market can be a fast-moving and ‘precarious’ environment – the ideal scenario when you are planning to move home is find the property you want and then a buyer for your existing home – at the same time! This, however, very often will not turn out to be the case – housing “chains” can be difficult to manage, and it often occurs that you may lose the house of your dreams because you can’t find a suitable buyer for your property therefore your purchase ‘falls through’! Renting self-storage units can save that situation – if you need to move out of your property quickly to accommodate the “chain” as such, then putting all your household furniture and possessions into safe storage can allow the different transactions to be completed over a longer period and, when your new property purchase is completed, you can simply transfer your items into your new home from the storage unit. This also allows you to move into a new property over a few days rather than all in one go, which is often the case, making organising the space in the new home easier and more orderly.   


If you run your own business, maybe from home, then there may be occasions when you have to cater for a larger order or request from a customer than you usually keep stock for, or you may receive an unexpected number of orders in one go – good for the business but not  for you if you don’t have the capacity to fulfil these orders! Keeping an overflow of stock for emergencies in a self-storage unit is the ideal solution – the stock is there for you to draw on in emergencies and can be replenished over a period without letting down any of your customers – and potentially damaging your business reputation! 

Self-Storage Units

Self- storage facilities offer safe and secure storage for all manner of items – individual units can be rented in many different sizes and self-storage prices do not have to be prohibitive. These units can be rented both short and long-term and offer dry, clean and controlled conditions to keep your items in perfect condition for their period of storage – short term storage in London is surprisingly affordable if you look for the right storage company.

Choose Chelsea Self Storage London

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