Personal storage solutions for gardeners

Just as personal storage inside your home needs careful thought and attention, enjoying and maintaining a garden also requires innovative outdoor storage solutions. Every aspect of garden management or recreation time in your garden requires well-conceived storage solutions for the numerous tools and furniture items that both novice and expert gardeners have to manage.

All garden equipment needs to be stored away, protected from the elements or be readily available to you when you need it next. A pleasurable pastime can quickly turn into frustration, however, when items are misplaced or are stored in a way that makes them difficult to access.

Whether you already have an outdoor store or are planning to use one, preparation is essential. Collect all your gardening equipment together to see if there is anything that you don’t need, or that needs cleaned or repaired. You’ll need to know how much equipment you have in order to have enough space to store it. Sort the items into categories if you can, thinking of items that you use most often so that they can be most easily accessible to you. Once you know how much you have to store, and what it comprises, turn to organising the store with these helpful ideas.

1. Shelves

Adjustable wall-mounted shelves are the best way to make use of your storage area, as it frees up floor space for you to move around more easily and is easier to keep dry and sweep clean. Adjustable shelves store items or various sizes and shapes, which makes better use of the available space and can change over time to accommodate new items.

2. Consider storage racks for hand tools

Buying or creating wall-mounted racks for specific items is a great way to manage your equipment. Racks can accommodate your most well-used tools, making them instantly visible and accessible without delay. Making your own rack, if you’re inclined to do so, means that specialist tools can be hung or placed according to your own layout or storage design.

3. Do you have ceiling space?

If your store is tall enough, making use of the ceiling by inserting hooks, or racks can be an effective way to store specific items like small step ladders or brooms. Again, keeping equipment off the floor and above your head can increase storage capacity very effectively. Remember to consider lightweight items for this solution to make access to them safe and easy.

4. Sealed storage containers

Use shelves more effectively by combining their use with sealed storage containers. These days, clear storage boxes come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be labelled and stacked efficiently on to shelves to make your items easily visible and accessible. From screws, tool spare parts, paint brushes and garden toys, sealed containers also keep your items dry and protected from insects when not in use. This is a particularly popular solution for allotment owners who might only periodically visit the shed, and therefore special airtight protection of seeds and other items is optimal.

5. Consider a log store

Do you use a shed to store logs or other items that could be stored elsewhere? Buying or building a log store can free up much-needed shed space if that’s where logs are usually stored. A garden hose kept in the shed might be more accessible hung outside your shed or house on a purpose-built holder. Perhaps a good-quality waterproof cover for your garden chairs would be a better solution than carting them around a big garden to store them in your shed during the winter? From time to time it can be good to reassess the way your storage space is used and managed, because small changes can make a big positive or negative difference.

6. Self storage for garden equipment

Self storage is a fantastic option for storing garden equipment if you don’t have a garden store. Storage unit prices in London need not be a barrier to choosing self storage for garden equipment. An effective solution, particularly for those who require extra seasonal storage space, self storage unit prices are competitive and flexible to suit your changeable requirements.

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