Top 5 Reasons to use business storage units

We find that it’s not only our domestic customers who love our flexible affordable storage options, but we’re popular among local businesses too. Here are our top 5 reasons to choose Chelsea Self Storage for business use.  

1. Running an Online business 

With low running costs and flexibility to suit your lifestyle as major pluses, one drawback of an online business is the potential lack of storage space for stock in your home. The last thing you want is your business getting in the way of managing your home life. Self-storage is the solution to keep stock levels manageable at home, providing flexibility to cater for seasonal growth trends or other large stock item orders. Even if you have a physical retail unit, self storage empowers you to make stock management choices to use your available space more effectively. Whether long term or short term, choose how much space you need – and for how long. Take control of your business space with self storage space. 

2. Furniture storage during an office move 

Making a business premises move is all about timing and efficiency. Deciding to use self storage for your office move is the best way to get the job done. Stagger your move by storing non-essential items beforehand so that when it comes to moving day you’ll have decluttered your mind and lowered your blood pressure! Pick up your stored items at your own pace or when you’re able to, giving you the ability to organise and manage your move more effectively.   

3. Storing Seasonal Stock 

Downsizing your office space or needing space to store seasonal stock items? Business storage can provide the space you need for surplus office equipment, promotional items, seasonal stock or important event  materials you need infrequently. A safe, dry space and a good labelling system will provide an efficient way of managing your office space – away from your office.  

4. Archive and document storage 

In this digital age there are still circumstances for documents and paperwork to be stored for reference and for certain periods of time. Securely store them away from your business premises using our wide choice of storage units in London so that you can make the most of your valuable office environment without the clutter. 

5. Storing tools, machinery and equipment 

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Our storage unit prices in London are competitive, where you will be offered affordable and flexible options to cater for all circumstances. Whether you need to store large bulky machinery, surplus equipment or numerous tools, self-storage can provide you with breathing room to manage your workflows in and out of season. With a secure, safe and dry unit that caters to your needs, it really works in your favour to choose Chelsea Self Storage for business. 

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