Why Family Heirlooms Are Better Off In Storage

Nearly all families will have items in their possession that have been in the family for years, passed down through the generations over time – some of these will have considerable financial value whilst some may be of sentimental value – and more important because of it! Many of these items may not be of ‘everyday’ use, but you want to keep them safe and secure for yourself and for future generations of your family, and it may not be convenient or practical to just store them in your house or garage – here are some reasons for you to consider keeping these important items in a personal self storage unit:

Sentimental Value

Taking proper care of these items can uphold their sentimental importance and value to their history – some objects can carry immense emotional significance to the family and those loved ones who have passed on.

Damage Prevention

Some of these items, for example, antique furniture, jewellery, or textiles, may be of an age or of a delicate nature and preserving the condition of them is important – protecting them from damage and deterioration is not always easy if stored somewhere where they are constantly moved or disturbed, or the environment is humid and subject to temperature fluctuations and/or direct sunlight.


Outside of any financial value, preserving these items may be honouring past family history whilst preserving it and passing it down for future generations to continue the legacy of past family members, and protecting the stories and history of both the items and the people.

Storage Considerations

Protecting these items properly will require the most suitable storage environment for them over time – here are some aspects to consider:

  • Space – Calculate the amount of storage space you will need to comfortably store these heirlooms in the best possible condition, then choose a storage unit that will accommodate this – it will be possible to extend the space with a larger unit if further space is required as things get added to the collection over time.
  • Environment – Temperature and humidity can be important factors in storage dependent upon the nature of the items being kept – a climate-controlled personal storage unit can provide a safe environment with the perfect conditions for your items over any time frame – something that you could not guarantee at home!
  • Security – A personal self storage facility will provide state-of-the-art security for your valuables including CCTV cameras on-site, individual personal access codes and locks to your specific storage unit, keeping your items safe and secure 24 hours a day.

General Tips

Here are some tips on how to prepare your items for storage:

  • Protective Materials – Items such as glassware, porcelain or other fragile objects should be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, foam sheets, or soft cloths to keep them safe and intact whilst in storage. Always use approved packing materials for all your items.
  • Disassembly – Any large items that can be disassembled – furniture and such – should be broken-down into the individual pieces which should then be carefully wrapped and stored together in one area of the personal storage unit.
  • Labelling – Before submitting your items into storage, carefully organise in a logical fashion and label them clearly for easy identification and access at later dates. Keep similar items grouped together – for example, photographs, jewellery, or important documents.
  • Inventory – Create a detailed inventory of all the items going into storage and perhaps construct a floor-map of the storage unit identifying where each item or group of items are placed.
  • Regular Checks – Once placed into storage, it is worthwhile checking your items at regular intervals just to ensure the condition of them is being maintained.

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