Maximising Space & Organising Chaos: Ultimate Guide To Household Storage Solutions

It can be alarming as to how quickly you can ‘eat-up’ every possible space within the home – it can seem like your household items are ‘breeding’ and occupying every drawer, cupboard, and floor space around your house! Maximising your space and reorganising your household storage can help you declutter your home and restore a sense of peace and order – here are some decluttering tips and storage hacks to help you achieve the most effective space optimisation and create a more organised and functional space in your home:

Utilise Vertical Space

There is a temptation to ignore some obvious storage space in your home – most people automatically think ‘horizontally’ when it comes to storing items, but there are plenty of extra options if you look at the issue ‘vertically’! As well as the ‘standard’ horizontal shelving and drawer storage options, consider storing items in hanging organisers, some wall-mounted shelving, and tall bookcase and storage units – make the most of ALL the available space in a room! 

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Every household has dedicated storage units of some kind – wardrobes, chests of drawers and such – but you can invest in other furniture items that are dual or multi-purpose, to create extra storage space. Coffee-tables with drawers, drawer divan beds and blanket chests or trunks can all provide extra storage around the home whilst fulfilling their primary function as specialised furniture items.

Door Hanging Storage

Sometimes the answer is staring us blankly in the face – but we just don’t see it! You have doors in every room in the house and, whilst you may not want to interfere with the aesthetic appearance in a lounge or dining room, areas such as bedrooms and even the kitchen, are ideal to use hanging organisers and storage over the doors! These ‘over-the-door’ hangers are ideal for storing items such as shoes, jewellery, food ingredients or, in a home office space, stationery and similar office items.

Get Inventive

Whilst investing in new storage items may sometimes be necessary, it is worthwhile examining all your existing storage options beforehand – perhaps an empty wine-rack can be repurposed for storing other items, stepladders make ideal, and very stylised, display units and hanging spaces in a home, so look for other items already in your home and consider alternative uses for them.

Underutilised Space

Look for areas in the home that may currently be ‘dead space’ – perhaps areas underneath the stairs can be used to create a storge cupboard, an old ‘airing’ cupboard may be ideal for storing bedding and towelling etc – and spaces between studded walls may possibly be used for some shallow shelving?

Wall Storage

Back to the ‘vertical’ theme and consider mounting extra shelving and cabinet units on walls – not every piece of furniture needs to occupy floor space – wall units in bathrooms are ideal for toiletries, medicines, and cleaning products as well as acting as vanity mirrors!

Self-Storage Units

If your home is just too cluttered then consider renting a local self-storage unit – these affordable facilities offer dry, clean, and safe storage units with state-of-the-art security to keep your excess household items in perfect condition for when you may next want to reinstall them in your home.

Adopting these storage hacks and following the decluttering tips can allow you the most efficient space optimisation around your home, allowing you to achieve the most effective household storage.

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