What To Do With Inherited Furniture

Amongst the many difficult challenges personally and emotionally caused by the death of a loved one or relative, there are always practicalities to be faced and dealt with – and often in a pressing, limited timeframe. Along with the administrative tasks such as arranging the funeral and registering the death, you may be faced with the contents and requests of any Will left by the deceased. This may include inheriting a property or contents of such – a difficult task to sort many possessions and items at any time, but especially at a time of upset and when they are someone else’s items!

Short Term Storage

Many of these items may be of little or no financial value but may still have substantial personal significance to yourself or other family members, so it is important to carefully consider what to do with these possessions. It may be that a property may need to be sold or rented out as soon as possible to avoid being left empty and potentially suffering deterioration, so an excellent solution is to rent a self-storage unit to house the contents – this will allow the property to be accordingly disposed of quickly whilst ‘buying some time’ to make more considered decisions as to the disposal or distribution of the individual items. Renting a storage unit also allows you unlimited access to the items stored, so you can go and sort the items whenever is convenient for yourself over a period of time.

Benefits Of Household Storage

Self-storage units can be rented for any length of time – you may only need a month or so to sort through the inherited items, but there is no hurry to make decisions on these things – storage periods can be easily extended and are more affordable than you may think. These storage units are ideal for pieces of furniture from the house – there are many different sized units you can rent, and they all offer a safe, dry, and clean environment in which to keep any items that may be susceptible to damage or deterioration if kept in uncontrolled environments such as garages or outhouses. It may also be that you want to retain some of these inherited items long-term for yourself or others, but do not have the space in your own home to store them – self-storage units offer the ideal solution!


The costs of self-storage units are by no means restrictive – even self-storage London facilities are affordable and could be the answer to a difficult problem – especially at a distressing time for yourself and other family members. Housing these inherited items in a safe and secure storage facility will allow you to take your time over their final destinations whilst you proceed with the other, perhaps more timebound issues arising from the loss, and reassured in the knowledge that they will be professionally stored in the best order!  If you are looking for household storage in London, then speak with Chelsea Storage – their experienced and knowledgeable staff will be able to offer you all the relevant help and advice you need to best deal with this storage situation.

Choose Chelsea Self Storage

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