5 ways self storage can simplify your life

Just as the seasons flow from one to the other, so our homes ebb and flow with the useful, and sometimes not so useful things of life. One thing is constant and that is the need for more available space in our homes.

You might be renovating or planning to move home, or perhaps just want to minimise your clutter. Whatever your circumstance, if you’re wishing you had more space, we have five short term storage tips to make life a little simpler and a lot more manageable.

1.Become a decluttering expert

Too many belongings will not only clutter our homes but can clutter our minds too. Too much clutter can cloud our thinking and make us disorganised. A good clear-out can be beneficial by reducing stress and giving us renewed productivity in clean, clear surroundings.

Self storage of seasonal items is an ideal way of clearing away some of the things in your home you currently don’t use so that you can get back on track. Christmas decorations, surf boards, larger hobby equipment or summer garden furniture not suited to being out in winter conditions can be safely stored until you need them, giving you back the precious space in your home you would have sacrificed to storing it indoors for most of the year.

2.Store their personal items when children move out

Transitions between life stages are inevitable, but additional stress during times of change needn’t be. When moving to their own homes or going to University, children might not want to take all of their belongings, which means that you might be left with precious items that they want to keep in the long term but have no need of temporarily. Space for household storage in London homes is at a premium, but putting any unneeded belongings into storage means that an emptier room can be put to good use as a new guest bedroom, crafting room, gym or activity room.

3.Set up your home for sale

Self storage is a practical option when preparing your home for sale. By clearing away your personal belongings, private photographs and excess furniture, you allow the house to speak for itself by providing viewers with a great first impression of the available spaces and how it would feel like to live there. In the mean time you’ll find it easier to keep clean while viewings are taking place, and you want the best chance of securing a great sale price in a practical timeframe. Once moved, you’ll be glad that you have already completed much of the packing and where it has been safely stored.

4.Transition between homes

Self storage makes moving day much simpler. Staging your house for sale and storing your personal belongings well before the move will mean that only the essentials need to be moved on the day, minimising the time and effort involved for the removal company. Managing only the essentials on the day means that you’ll also be less stressed. Once you’re settled and have a plan for your new spaces, your stored belongings can be introduced again when you’re ready rather than dealing with everything on one day.

5. Help with home renovations

It is easier to make renovations without having to work and live around clutter. When dealing with one room, all the furniture from there usually needs a temporary home somewhere else, which can complicate the way you live and use your available space for the duration of the project. Why not use self storage to destress yourself and the builders, so that you’re not worried about your belongings being damaged or tripping over boxes. When the job is done, move your items back into the house with the added reassurance that the temporary storage arrangements helped to minimise the disruption.

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