How Storage Can Be Of Help To Tradesmen

All businesses have their challenges depending upon many factors such as the economy, competition, customer retention and even the type of business you have. For small to medium enterprises one of those challenges is often storage space, whether it be for stock or equipment. Renting large business premises can prove an expensive overhead – and an unnecessary expense if the space is largely used just for storing equipment or tools. A lot of business equipment is bulky as well as valuable, so storing such items at home or in a garage is not practical – you require a dry, secure, and safe space to keep such items in their best condition. Here are some reasons as to why you should consider self-storage units for your tradesman storage needs:

Tradesman Storage

Whether you need storage space for stock items such as electrical parts and fittings, general customer items or, as is the case for many sole traders, for expensive tools and equipment, it is important that you have accessible and secure storage capacity. A small storage unit is the sensible solution – these professional storage facilities provide protection from theft and damage, as well as an ideal environment to keep your equipment or stock in dry, temperature-controlled atmosphere that will maintain the items in a pristine condition.


Many industries and businesses can benefit from renting self-storage units – electricians, plumbers, landscape gardeners, bathroom fitters, windows and doors installers can all benefit from these storage facilities. If you run an events company or provide industrial cleaning services, then self-storage units are an affordable and cost-effective solution to storage problems.  


Professional self-storage facilities offer 24-hour security, varying unit sizes dependent upon how much stock or equipment you need to house, constant access to your unit and items, and a dry, clean environment. They can allow you to hold more stock items to help avoid running out of relevant parts that can hold up jobs and reduce the need for frequent ‘stock and parts runs’ to industrial merchants and suppliers. The benefits these self-storage units provide not only this convenience for storing items but can even facilitate running an entire business from them – an e-commerce store, repair centre, second-hand online retail operations or photo and video studios are all viable businesses to run from a self-storage unit and far more cost-effective than expensive business premises!


As well as the flexibility and convenience offered from these facilities, self-storage prices are affordable and cost effective. Storage units offer great value for money – even self-storage prices in London and other large cities are more affordable than renting business premises. Tradesman self-storage offers the business continuity and convenience to help your business flourish – a storage unit in London can be rented on short or long term and offer the reliability and security that provides that important peace-of-mind knowing your items and stock are being kept safe and in perfect condition.

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