How business storage can help with excess stock this Christmas

It’s always a bit of a dilemma isn’t it – what to do with unused or excess stock for your business left over from the hectic Christmas period?  Depending upon your type of business, you may well have spent the months leading up to the Christmas period increasing stock for the seasonal rush and unusually excessive demand. Once the holiday period is done though, you can often have a glut of products that you need to deal with and business storage provides the ideal solution.

Here are some ideas to help ease the situation:

A post Christmas sale

Run a post-Christmas sales campaign. If your stock is specifically for the seasonal market, and isn’t ‘year-bound’ (doesn’t have the specific year displayed upon it), then you’ll find many people are ‘bargain conscious’ and start next year’s Christmas shopping the previous January! Provided your goods are non-perishable, then people will buy it and save it for the next year – so two for one offers, or considerable price discount will enable you to not only dispose of your excess stock, but also add to your Christmas profit margins after the event, so to speak.

If your stock is perishable, and therefore needs to be disposed of quickly, then think about offering a considerable price discount and volume-based sale price in order to attract buyers. If the stock is left to spoil, then it will be valueless to you, so any price you get for the excess goods will be a bonus!

Can anything be donated to charity?

Christmas is always a good, and pertinent, time to consider those less fortunate than yourself.  If you’re left with excess stock over the period, then you could consider donating it to the many worthy charities that operate in your area who would be very grateful for the help and support – it’s an opportunity to give something back to the community that may well be your staple customer all year round!

Save stock for next year

Of course, you’re running a business, so the main aim is to make profits wherever you can! So, if your stock is not specifically seasonal, has an all-year-round customer base and, can therefore, be sold the rest of the year after Christmas, then consider the best way to save it for the coming year, or even for next year’s Christmas period if the stock is viable. The best way to save is to put it into safe storage – that way you can free up your normal storage space for your everyday business and know that your excess stock is stored safely, securely and in the best condition for when you next need to access it.

You can also consider using safe storage units in the build-up to the busy Christmas period. It’s often easier to buy your seasonal stock over a period of time before the event rather than having to organize it all immediately beforehand. A safe storage unit will allow you to assimilate all the stock you’re going to need in a secure, controlled environment.

Chelsea Self Storage

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