How to make the most of self storage when relocating

Everybody knows that moving, or relocating, can be one of the most stressful activities we will experience! Whether it’s moving business premises, or the more stressful and emotional process of moving home, it involves a massive amount of planning and organisation, with a number of different aspects to consider.

Preparing for the move can be a lengthy process in itself, and it’s worth considering easing that task by utilising self-storage in order to ‘spread’ the process, rather than try and get it all done on the moving day itself. Here are some of the potential benefits of relocation storage:

  • Self-storage facilities offer a secure and dry temporary, or longer-term, home for your items. These facilities can offer the latest security features, such as computerised, personal access to your unit, along with monitored security cameras and individually alarmed storage units.
  • Many of these facilities will also offer guarantees and insurance on your stored items.
  • It may well be that opting to use self-storage units will be a more economical option than trying to cater for extra storage in other premises. If you have items that aren’t essential on an everyday basis, but you want/need to retain anyway, it may be better, and cheaper, to keep them in a secure unit rather than, perhaps, be paying for an extra room in your new property simply to house these items!

Here are some key points to consider when choosing your most appropriate relocation storage units.

  • Work out exactly how much space you need for your belongings – a way of doing this is to buy sturdy, stackable cardboard boxes and see how much you can fit into them. From there you can gauge how many of these boxes you require and, from that, what size space you will need to store all those stacked boxes.
  • The best way to utilise your storage unit space is to stack right up to the ceiling – ensuring that the stronger, heavier boxes and items are on the bottom and stack the smaller, lighter and , perhaps more fragile, items on top.
  • It’s a good idea that, if you have metal items (bikes, tools and such), you lightly oil them before long-term storage, to help prevent any potential rusting or degrading.
  • If storing electrical appliances, such as fridges, freezers and the like, ensure that they are completely defrosted and dried before storage. This will ensure you avoid any mould-inducing damage through retained moisture.

If you properly research and cost your relocation self-storage options, you can greatly reduce the potential stress and pressure in what always proves to be a difficult time and process.

Chelsea Self Storage

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