How Hotels And B&B’s Can Benefit From Using Business Storage

In the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance – that is where repeat business and referrals originate, so every hotel and Bed and Breakfast establishment wants their guests to leave with the impression of an efficient, well-run, and professional business. A large part of creating this professional impression is presenting an appealing and attractive premises in all common areas of the business and an efficient service both in manner and time. The better organised your hospitality premises are, the more efficient and professional you will look – so aspects like storage can be important in keeping the premises looking smart, uncluttered, and efficient. Here are some considerations for maximising and optimising storage spaces within hospitality environments: 

Efficient Storage Design

Like any workspace in any industry, an efficient and practical design can help with organisation, access, and storage. A well thought-out and designed storage space can work far more efficiently for employees and help eliminate stress and reduce practicality problems, and even improve health and safety aspects of the tasks. Very often in hospitality environments, storage spaces and facilities have ‘organically’ grown or been established over a time – initial spaces being ‘added-to’ as and when needed, resulting in larger storage areas but poorly laid-out and inefficiently used. Emptying the space and reorganising ‘from scratch’ will often result in much better use of the space with more logical storage practices that will allow more items to be stored, give easier access to all the items, and establish a safer environment for staff and guests alike. Staff will be able to work that space more quickly, more safely, and more efficiently presenting an improved professional appearance to guests and visitors.  

Seasonal Storage

Many businesses are subject to seasonal trends with hospitality being amongst them. Hotels and B & B’s can accumulate a lot of seasonal items over time – they may cater for weddings, engagements, birthdays, business conferences and fayres, Christmas parties, Halloween events, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and summer fetes as well as specific, topical sporting events that may occur in a calendar year. All these events will require different decor, perhaps extra tables, seating along with excess crockery, cutlery, and such. Once these events are done – and many of them are short-lived, you are faced with the issue of storing all the themed items until next use – many of which will not be for another twelve months! It is often not practical to find storage space within the premises for such items that have so limited use – making use of nearby business storage units is the ideal solution! These business storage facilities offer safe, secure, dry, often climate-controlled units of various sizes that can keep these important, and often valuable, items in pristine condition until next required. Many storage facilities allow 24-hour access and provide state-of-the-art security to ensure that your stored items are kept safe and undamaged. 

Short Term Solutions

For short-term storage you can consider available mobile storage and racking systems that can be easily installed and are ideal for baggage storage areas behind a reception desk or in a room where arriving or departing guests can temporarily leave luggage before checking in or leaving the premises. 

Choose Chelsea Self Storage London

Business storage units are available in a range of sizes and capacities and, therefore, offer ideal storage solutions both short and long term. Storage unit prices do not have to be restrictive and there are many cost-effective and affordable storage facilities available – if you are looking for either short or long term storage in London, speak with Chelsea Self Storage – we are a long-established and well respected professional storage facility that cater for all businesses and private storage alike. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can inform you of the different facilities and units available and will be happy to discuss the different available rental terms, conditions, and pricing to find you your ideal, customised storage solution.