Summer in Chelsea – storage tips

Summer.  That glorious season of long, hot, lazy days and happy memories.  Weren’t the summers always hotter when we were younger, and didn’t they last longer (or seem to)?  Beautifully captured in Laurie Lee’s fabulous Cider with Rosie, and in wonderful photographs like this by Luc Viator (


Photo courtesy and copyright of Luc Viator (

Photo courtesy and copyright of Luc Viator (

You won’t see too many fields like this in Chelsea, although it is beautiful in its own way.  Rossetti, Turner, Oscar Wilde and the Beatles all lived here – as well as numerous other beautiful people – and there are still echoes of the Swinging Sixties all along the Kings Road.

Storage Solutions Chelsea

We talked about those lazy summer days.  It’s hot outside, and sometimes even hotter inside, and perhaps there comes a day when you feel it’s time for a thorough clean up and clear out.  Or you make the very big decision to decorate.  Of course, you may have done this in the spring … but in our experience you probably didn’t!

But where will you put all your stuff while you do?

Luckily, there is a very straightforward answer – self-storage.  This is where you can store as many of your possessions as you want to in a secure facility, in the certain knowledge that they will be safe and well-looked after.  No-one but you will have access to them, you can retrieve things whenever you want to, and you don’t even need to sign up for a minimum term or a minimum amount of storage space.  It’s the ideal flexible answer if you need to store stuff away from your property for a while.

So whether you’re spring cleaning (late), decorating, having an extension, moving house, whatever, knowing that there is somewhere where your possessions will be safe can be hugely reassuring.  And it won’t cost the earth either – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

So if you live in beautiful Chelsea, or anywhere within the vicinity, or even further afield, you’ll find that we have an affordable self-storage solution for you.

What next?

Look no further!

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