Student storage solutions in Fulham

Moving away from home to study at university is a big step into the unknown for many students, so anything that can help make your life a little easier should be welcomed with open arms. Wherever you choose to live – on or off campus – chances are you will have a small bedroom without a great deal of storage space, often leaving you with a decision to make about where to store your books, CDs, furniture, TVs etc. So what types of storage solutions are available for students in Fulham?

Garage space

Using the garage as storage space is common for many people and it is possible to rent a garage in most parts of the country. This does come at a cost though and most garages offer little or no security, making it practically impossible to find adequate insurance cover.

Good old Mum and Dad

There is always the option for many students in Fulham to leave their possessions at home in their parents house. But what if your parents need to use your room for other things or want to take the opportunity to downsize now you have moved out?

Self storage unit

Self storage offers a great and inexpensive solution which can give you back the space you need to study while having peace of mind that your possessions are in a safe and secure environment close by should you need them. Our quality self-storage units are alarmed and have 24/7 CCTV cameras for ultimate peace of mind.

A rite of passage when going away to university is learning to be independent. Taking responsibility for finding your own student storage solution in Fulham is a great way to demonstrate your independence.

Deciding to use a storage unit may be one of the best decisions you make in your student years, as it can simplify and ease your passage through university and keep the things you may treasure in years to come safe and secure. Contact Chelsea Self Storage for expert help and guidance in finding the best type of student storage solutions in Fulham.

Our facility is easily accessible and offers free customer parking to make your time with us that little bit easier. What’s more, our facility is fully secured, alarmed and monitored to ensure your belongings are safe.

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