What are self storage prices in Fulham?

Self storage costs vary based on a number of factors, ultimately the volume you require and the duration you will require the services.

Because of these variables, the price of storage differs from person to person as requirements change. However, this guide from Chelsea Self Storage breaks down the costs you should expect to pay when renting out a self-storage space.

Volume of goods

Whether you are using business or personal storage, the amount you pay will vary depending on your space requirements. Generally, the more you need to store, the more it will cost.

To get a good idea of how much space you might need, take a look at our space calculator for more information. If you are moving house, a one-bed property will generally require storage space of around 35-50 square feet. A five-bed house would require storage space of around 200 square feet or more, depending on the size of the property.

Chelsea Self Storage offer a range of spaces to meet your requirements. Essentially, we’ll always have enough space to store your goods.

Storage duration

Self-storage prices are usually calculated on a weekly basis, meaning the longer you use these solutions, the more they will cost.

However, Chelsea Self Storage offer several special offers to keep prices down over longer periods of time. All prepaid rentals for 12 weeks or more receive 50% off their first four weeks.

Any prepaid storage solutions for 24 weeks or more receive 2.5% off their entire bill, while any booking for a year or more receives a 5% discount. Take a look at our special offers to find out how we can help save you money on your self-storage needs.

Self-storage prices Fulham

When searching for storage, it is vital to use a company you can trust. Chelsea Self Storage offer some of the best prices in Fulham for business and personal storage, no matter how much you need to store and for how long.

Our facility is easily accessible and offers free customer parking to make your time with us that little bit easier. What’s more, our facility is fully secured, alarmed and monitored to ensure your belongings are safe.

For all your self storage needs in Fulham and the surrounding areas, contact Chelsea Self Storage, here if you want to contact us on-line, or if you would prefer to talk to someone now:

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